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Title Author Date Talk time Format File size
DEXA how to report Tudor Hughes 2020 45mins pdf 2MB
Pediatric MSK Injuries Tudor Hughes 2020 55mins MP4 99MB
Patella Instability Tudor Hughes 2020 65mins MP4 122MB
Elbow Instability Ashley Burt 2019 45mins pdf 5MB
Postoperative spine Wilson Lin 2019 45mins pdf 3MB
The thumb and fingers… everything that you probably forgot Norman Arbelo Cruz 2019 45mins pdf 3MB
Midfacial fractures Alex Sun 2019 45mins pdf 5MB
Craniocervical Imaging- Traumatic and Nontraumatic Daniel Ortiz 2019 45mins pdf 3MB
Practical MRI and CT optimization Lauren Pringle 2019 45mins pdf 2MB
The Talus from A to Z Eman Alqahtani 2019 45mins pdf 8MB
Compression Neuropathies Lee Wang 2018 45mins pdf 11MB
MSK Mets and MIIPs Anthony Tadros 2018 45mins pdf 7MB
The Medial Knee with a Focus on the Pes Anserinus Brian Curtis 2018 45mins pdf 10MB
ARMD Peachy Piana 2017 45mins pdf 3MB
The Hitchhikers Guide to the Lumbosacral Plexus William Millard 2017 45mins pdf 9MB
Drifts and Shifts of the Peroneus Longus Roller Coaster Bing Hu 2017 45mins pdf 5MB
Accessory Muscles Melanie Chang 2017 45mins pdf 3MB
Nrentrpment unlst YouTube          
Nerve entrapment You Tube          
Nerve entrapment intro          
Musculoskeletal Manifestations in the Setting of Chronic Renal Failure Yatin Chadha 2016 45mins pdf 3MB
Review of Musculoskeletal injuries in Non Accidental Trauma Amol Patil 2016 45mins pdf 2MB
The Temporomandibular joint Anatomy, Mechanics, Pathology Aditya Bahel 2016 45mins pdf 4MB
The Triangular Fibrocartilage Complex Jeremy Grubin 2016 45mins pdf 6MB
Acromioclavicular Joint Nimesh Patel 2016 45mins pdf 6MB
Hind Foot Trauma Syed Ali 2016 45mins pdf 5MB
Adult Flatfoot Deformity Michael Davis 2016 45mins pdf 12MB
Hip arthroplasty Vincent Paul 2016 45mins pdf 4MB
The thumb anatomy and pathology with a focus on the CMC and MCP joints Teddy Su 2016 45mins pdf 6MB
Shoulder Arthroplasty Valentin Lance 2016 45mins pdf 4MB
Evaluation of Muscle Injury in Elite Athletes Steve Kussman 2015 45mins pdf 5MB
Hallux abducto valgus what it is and how it is treated Yulia Volokhina 2015 45mins pdf 6MB
Spinal Fusion Basic Concepts and Complications Dwight Lee 2015 45mins pdf 3MB
Soft Tissue Tumors Hannah Koh 2015 45mins pdf 2MB
Lisfranc Injuries Omar Qureshi 2015 45mins pdf 8MB
MRI of MSK Infection Tudor Hughes 2016 60mins pdf 20MB
Patellofemoral Biomechanics and Patellar Tracking Steven Ngai 2015 45mins pdf 2MB
Diabetes MSK Connie Montgomery 2015 45mins pdf 3MB

Spine Postop

Takashi Takahashi 2014 45mins pdf 4MB
Hip Arthroplasty Christina Paquette 2014 45mins pdf 5MB
Rheumatoid Arthritis John Stanfill John Stanfill 2014 45mins pdf 3MB
Hip Impingement Syndromes Mina Zakhary Mina Zakhary 2014 45mins pdf 3MB
Osteomyelitis, septic arthritis and soft tissue infections Sepideh Babaei 2014 35mins pdf 2MB
Little Bones the sesamoids Erica Chu 2014 40mins pdf 9MB
Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction and Associated post surgical Thao Wagner 2014 45mins pdf 6MB
Adult MSK Fibromatoses Justin Ly 2013 50mins pdf 19MB
Tendons and the art of MSK Interventions Pierre Pelletier 2013 50mins pdf 4MB
Throwing Shoulder Joshua Franklin 2013 50mins pdf 14MB
Brachial Plexus Jason Barksdale 2013 50mins pdf 4MB
Assessing bone viability MR Rick Bhullar 2013 45mins pdf 2MB
TFCC Adelaine Wong 2013 50mins pdf 3MB
Appendicular Skeletal Trauma Tudor Hughes 2013 30mins pdf 10MB
UTE qMRI Michael Im 2013 45mins pdf 6MB
THA Clark Brixey 2012 45mins pdf 2MB
Sports related injuries of the fingers Luke Scalcione 2012 45mins pdf 1MB
Acute pediatric elbow injury Michelle Omura 2012 45mins pdf 7MB
Wrist Extensor Retinaculum  Jeffrey Tan 2012 50mins pdf 61MB
Hip trauma fracture classification Alex Ho 2012 50mins pdf 16MB
Bone Dysplasia Tudor Hughes 2013 60mins pdf 3MB
Cx spine Tudor Hughes 2015 120mins pdf 15MB
Cx spine trauma Tudor Hughes 2014 50mins pdf 2MB
Metabolic bone disease Tudor Hughes 2014 50mins pdf 4MB
Arthrography Tudor Hughes 2013 50mins pdf 3MB
MR of MSK Neoplasms Tudor Hughes 2013 60mins pdf 3MB
Nerve entrapment Tudor Hughes 2013 90mons pdf 12MB
Sports injuries Tudor Hughes 2013 50mins pdf 7,557KB
DEXA Tudor Hughes 2013 50mins pdf 3,500 KB
Foot alignment adult Tudor Hughes 2012 45mins pdf 7,530 KB
Signs Tudor Hughes 2013 50mins pdf 7,849KB
Soft Tissue Calcification Tudor Hughes 2013 40mins pdf 3,595 KB
Patella Tracking Tudor Hughes 2013 45mins pdf 1,190KB
Commonly missed injuries of the extremities Tudor Hughes 2013 45mins pdf 2,100 KB
FAI Tudor Hughes 2013 45mins pdf 2,568KB
How useful is pre-Achilles fat pad Ankit Patel 2012 45mins pdf 5,213KB
Imaging of Peripheral Neuropathies Dorota Linda 2012 45mins pdf 26MB
Osseous Pathology of the Mandible Fernando J Rodriguez (Chino) 2011 40mins pdf 2,795 KB
The temporal bone Stephen Haltom 2011 50mins pdf 4,375 KB
MSK MRI Essential Principles and Practical Applications Eric Chang 2011 50mins pdf 14,884KB
Coalition Julie L. Rutledge 2011 40mins pdf 6,061 KB
Elbow injuries of the throwing athlete Jimmy C. Wang 2011 40mins pdf 10,160KB
Carpal instability Caroline Yang 2011 50mins pdf 7,549 KB
Bone Malignancy Suzanne Shepherd 2011 50mins pdf 6,756 KB
Spine hardware Arvin Hariri 2011 40mins pdf 4,634 KB
Synovial Plicae of the Knee James Koenig 2011 50mins 6,526 KB
MRI Protocols Maya Borsu 2010 50mins pdf 22MB
AC Jt Kamran Ahmad 2010 50mins pdf 11,856KB
Intra-articular pathology Amin Matin 2010 50mins pdf 4,410 KB
Radiographic Evaluation of Calcaneal Fractures Kali Luker 2010 30mins pdf 4,993 KB
Lumps and Bumps Soft Tissue and Bony Masses of the Wrist Brady Huang 2011 50mins pdf 7,783 KB
Spine Trauma James Buratto 2011 45mns pdf 8,969 KB
Articular diseases of the cervical spine Binh-To Tran 2010 45mins pdf 562 KB
Elbow instability Matthew James Sharp 2011 50mins pdf 3,434 KB
Radiology Business Management A Crash Course Scot Yochim 2010 50mins pdf 3,163 KB
Muscles Kavita Gorantla 2010 50mins pdf 3,256 KB
Ulna sided wrist pain Federico Discepola 2010 50mins pdf 3,520 KB
Pubalgia Catherina Fu 2010 50mins pdf 8,779 KB
Nerve Entrapment Lower Extremity Andrew Knoll 2010 45mins pdf 2,444 KB
Kienbock Orrin Franko 2009 20mins pdf 1,358 KB
Lisfranc fracture dislocation Tara Robbins 2009 15mins pdf 1,273 KB
Osteochondritis dissecans Becca Rodriguez 2009 15mins pdf 1 MB
Slipped upper femoral epiphysis Amy Leu 2009 15mins pdf 3,285 KB
Knee Chondral Repair Rakersh Patel 2009 45mins pdf 2,987 KB
Sports Related Injuries of the Elbow James Wolff. 2009 45mins pdf 5,245 KB
The Growing Physis John Stassen 2009 45mins pdf 2,832 KB
Injury to the Extensor Mechanism Romulo Baltazar 2009 45mins pdf 2,802 KB
The Temporomandibular Joint Jeffrey Hirata 2009 45mins pdf 2,395 KB
Maintainance of Certification Anne Roberts 2009 50mins pdf 346 KB
Contrast Reactions Michele Brown 2009 50mins pdf 2,697 KB
The Metatarsophalnageal joint (MR anatomy and pathology) Amanda Murphy 2009 45mins pdf 5,584 KB
Accessory Ossicles and Sesamoids of the Foot and Ankle: Anatomy, Pathology and Pitfalls Steve Chan 2009 45mins pdf 11,032KB
Capsulolabroligamentous Structures of the Hip: Anatomy and Pathology Michelle Ngyuen 2009 45mins pdf 9,662 KB
Psoriatic arthritis  Preeti Tuladhar 2009 45mins pdf 5.099 KB
Less Common Causes of Elbow Pain Tyler Crawford 2009 45mins pdf 4,343 KB
MR anatomy and injuries of the fingers Priya Patel 2009 45mins pdf 1,520 KB
Internal Derangement of the Temporomandibular Joint Rosalyn Cheng 2008 45mins pdf 1,891KB
Soft Tissue Tumor Lecture Benjamin Levine 2009 50mins pdf 1,866 KB
The Plantar Soft Tissues Sabrina Ccovert 2008 45mins pdf 1,247 KB
Snow Skiing and Snowboarding Musculoskeletal Injuries Matthew McNairy 2008 45mins pdf 1,333 KB
Femoral Acetabular Impingement Darren Buono 2008 45mins pdf 1,529 KB
Ankle Impingement Syndromes  Vaibhav  Khasgiwala 2008 45mins pdf 1,528 KB
Anatomy and Pathology of the Rotator Interval R. Grace Bhardwaj 2008 45mins pdf 1,819 KB
Anatomy and Pathology of the Achilles Tendon Tracy MacNair 2008 45mins pdf 1,606 KB
Ankle Nick Panchal 2007 45mins pdf 6,979 KB
Medial Knee Structures Stephanie D Casey 2007 45mins pdf 2,825 KB
Reverse TSA James H. Chang 2007 45mins pdf 750 KB
Ortho hardware John Park 2007 90mins pdf 3,429 KB
C-SPINE trauma a practical appraoch Donald E Olofsson 2007 45mins pdf 3,641 KB
Radiographic Evaluation of the Pediatric Foot and its Deformities Amy C. Wu 2007 45mins pdf 1,381 KB
Anterior Knee pain Toni Roth 2007 45mins pdf 6,960 KB
Imaging of ACL Reconstruction Rick Arigo 2007 45mins pdf 1,361 KB
Wrist instability Weiling Chang 2006 45mins pdf 1,256 KB
Shoulder Alphabet Soup Alison Nguyen 2006 45mins pdf 1,651 KB
Impingement Syndromes of the Ankle Noaman Siddiqi 2006 45mins pdf 939 KB
Shoulder Impingment Jong Liu 2006 45mins pdf 3,816 KB
Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Imaging Findings in HIV Infection Crispina Chong-Han 2006 45mins pdf 1,179 KB
Musculoskeletal Imaging of the Digits Arash Tehranzadeh 2006 45mins pdf 1,098 KB
MR Evaluation of Bone Marrow Disorders Nisha Patel 2006 45mins pdf 2,982 KB
Current Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hip Ray Hong 2006 45mins pdf 897 KB
Rotator Cuff Chuck Kenney 2006 45mins pdf 2,692 KB