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From 1974 through 2001, Don Resnick has been involved in the training of osteoradiology fellows in the Department of Radiology at the University of California, San Diego, and Veterans Affairs Medical Center, San Diego. Such fellows were accepted into the program and placed in one of two categories: clinical fellows, generally from the United States or Canada, who were able to do all aspects of clinical work as well as perform basic and clinical research; and research fellows, generally from countries other than the United States and Canada, who did not have the credentials to perform clinical work but who had the qualifications to perform significant clinical and basic research. During this 27-year period, in which he served as the supervisor of this fellowship program, he has, along with one or two clinical colleagues, trained 115 fellows. Of these, 54 were from the United States, 12 from Canada, and 49 from other countries. Of the fellows from other countries, those coming from various parts of Europe, Brazil, Chile, Korea, and Taiwan were dominant. Most of these foreign fellows were sent to us from universities abroad, were funded by these universities for their period of study with us, and returned to these universities to become academic radiologists, involved both in clinical work and in research. Of the total number of 115 fellows, 82 assumed academic jobs following their fellowship. Many of these have remained in these academic jobs, while several have later assumed jobs in private practice or, rarely, those originally going to private practice jobs decided to later join academic departments of radiology.

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