30 year Reunion cases


1986-1987 Mini Pathria, M.D. (Canada)     mpathria@ucsd.edu

Following her year of study, Dr. Pathria joined the Department of Radiology at Case Western Reserve University

in Cleveland, Ohio. She remained there for a period of two or three years, and then joined us in the Department of

Radiology at the University of California, San Diego. She has remained with us for the last six years.

The (Pathrias) Bates 

1986-1987 Michael Zlatkin, M.D. (Canada)    MBZlat@aol.com

Following a year of osteoradiology fellowship, Dr. Zlatkin joined the faculty of the University of Pennsylvania,

Department of Radiology. He remained in that position for a period of approximately two years before joining a

private practice group in Florida.


1986-1987 Richard (Rick) G Stiles, M.D. (United States)     rgstiles@mindspring.com

Upon completion of his year of fellowship, Dr. Stiles joined the Department of Radiology at Vanderbilt University

in Nashville, Tennessee. He later moved to the Department of Radiology at Emery University, Atlanta, Georgia.

He remains in that position.



1985-1987 Gabrielle Bergman (Ann Bjorkengren), M.D. (United States)                                                                 gabrielle.bergman@forsythe.stanford.edu

Dr. Bjorkengren, following her year of fellowship, joined the Department of Radiology at Stanford University.

She has remained at Stanford University for the last nine years.