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2005-2006 Graduation Party

2006.05.12 Palacio welcome


2006.05.12 Palacio BBQ


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2006.06.10 Graduation party



2004-2005  Sailaja Yadavalli      yadavalli@comcast.net


2004-2005  Hubert Chin, M.D.    hcf@yahoo.com


2005-2006 Raymond Hong Kate and Nate       Rayhong75@aol.com      End of year lecture Current Concepts in Magnetic Resonance Imaging of the Hip


2005-2006 Nisha Patel  nishavpatel@yahoo.com    End of year lecture MR Evaluation of Bone Marrow Disorders


2005-2006 Weiling Chang          weilingchang@gmail.com   End of year lecture Wrist instability


2005-2006 Charles (Chuck) Kenney       cv_kenney@yahoo.com   End of year lecture Rotator cuff



2005-2006 Arash Tehranzadeh        adtehran@yahoo.com   End of year lecture Musculoskeletal Imaging of the Digits


2005-2006 Tyler Crawford       tylerlcrawford@hotmail.com      End of year lecture Less Common Causes of Elbow Pain


2005-2006 Crispina Han       cchonghan@gmail.com     End of year lecture Spectrum of Musculoskeletal Imaging Findings in HIV Infection


Jong Liu, M.D.      jiburad@hotmail.com     End of year lecture Shoulder Impingment



Alison M. Nguyen, M.D.       amienn@yahoo.com    End of year lecture Shoulder Alphabet Soup


Noaman Siddiqi, M.D. Kerry   and Laith           . noamansiddiqi@hotmail.com     End of year lecture Impingement Syndromes of the Ankle


Shelly Marette, M.D.        shellymarette@hotmail.com

Hamid Reza Torshizy       htorshiz@hotmail.com       End of year lecture

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