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2006 Imtiaz Ahmed  taz32218@yahoo.com



2006  Dan Alder  dalder1@san.rr.com


2006-2007  Stephanie D Casey       Scasey12@cox.net      End of year lecture  Medial Knee Structures


2006-2007  Nick Panchal       npanchal@ucsd.edu  Sunila Raman            End of year lecture  Ankle



2006-2007  Fiona Hughes       fcassidyhughes@yahoo.com  Frank

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2006-2007  Dean Bruce        deanbruce@hotmail.com  Cecily, Karsten, Savea


2006-2007  Toni Roth      toniroth@yahoo.com   End of year lecture  Anterior knee pain


2006-2007  Rick Arigo     rickarigo@hotmail.com   End of year lecture Imaging of ACL Reconstruction


2006-2007  Preeti Tuladhar     tuladhap@yahoo.com    End of year lecture  Psoriatic arthritis


2006-2007  Jimmy Wong       jgwong@ucsd.edu


2006-2007  Amy Wu      amycwu@post.harvard.edu       End of year lecture  Radiographic Evaluation of the Pediatric Foot and its Deformities


2006-2007  Deborah Chang     Violet Zi-Ting O'Connell     changdebra@gmail.com     


2006-2007  Danny Gill     dangill123@yahoo.com 


2006-2007  James H Chang         jameshychang@yahoo.com  Suzie Annabelle and Zachary        End of year lecture  Reverse TSA


2006-2007  John Park       jpark.md@hotmail.com        End of year lecture  Ortho hardware


2006-2007  Don Olofosson  donolofsson@hotmail.com       End of year lecture    C-SPINE trauma a practical appraoch Donald E Olofsson