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Biopsy Party 2007


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Research Opportunities

2007-2008 Don Olofsson     End of year lecture    C-SPINE trauma a practical appraoch Donald E Olofsson

2007-2008  Scott Sherwood

2007-2008 Bhardwaj, R. Grace      End of year lecture   Anatomy and Pathology of the Rotator Interval



2007-2008  Bilow, Ronald


2007-2008  Buono, Darren  Brenda and Nicolas        End of year lecture  Femoral Acetabular Impingement


2007-2008  Cheng, Rosalyn,  Jim,  Scarlett         End of year lecture  TMJ



2007-2008  Covert Sabrina  Nathan Covert Woo  End of year lecture  The Plantar Soft Tissues




2007-2008  Gorbachova, Tetyana  (12/1/07-11/30/08)


2007-2008  Jeras, Vjekslav  (11/1/07-10/31/08)


2007-2008  Khasgiwala, Vaibhav C      End of year lecture  Ankle Impingement Syndromes


2007-2008  MacNair, Tracy         End of year lecture   Anatomy and Pathology of the Achilles Tendon



2007-2008  McNairy, Matthew        End of year lecture  Snow Skiing and Snowboarding Musculoskeletal Injuries


2007-2008  Stewart, Craig


2007-2008  Whang, Tom