30 year Reunion cases





1996-1997 Robert R. Brown, M.D. (United States)    BROWNR1@ccf.org

After one year fellowship in osteoradiology, Dr. Brown returned to Pittsburgh, and currently serves as a staff

radiologist at Allegheny General Hospital, a facility with a radiology residency program.


1996-1997 Evelyne Fliszar, M.D. (Canada)    efliszar@videotron.ca

Following her fellowship, Dr. Fliszar returned to Canada and currently is a staff radiologist at the University

of Montreal.


1996-1997     Ingrid Kjellin      ikjellin@ahs.llumc.edu


1996-1997 Sandy Kwak, M.D. (United States)   sankwak@netscape.net

Dr. Kwak, upon completion of her fellowship program, became a radiologist in the Department of

Radiology at the University of Chicago.


1996-1997 Khanh Nguyen, M.D. (United States)    Khanh_Nguyen@via-christi.org

Dr. Nguyen, following his fellowship, entered the private practice of radiology in Kansas.

2101 North Lamar #4; Austin, TX 78705.  Telephone home 512-474-5678


1996-1997 Thomas Rand, M.D. (Austria)


1996-1997 Joong-Mo Ahn, M.D. (Korea)