1999-2000 Leopoldo Gigena, M.D. (Argentina)


1999-2000 Kullanuch Prompitaksa, M.D. (Thailand)


1999-2000 Mi Sook Sung, M.D. (Korea)


1998-2001 Daphne Theodorou, M.D. (Greece)  daphne_theodorou@hotmail.com


1999-2000 Wei Li, M.D. (China)


1999 Chau Luen (Charles) Fai, M.D. (Hong Kong)


1999 Stavroula Theodorou, M.D. (Greece)


1999 Seung Ming Ng, M.D. (Hong Kong)


1999 Olivier Hauger, M.D. (France)


1999 Guilherme de Toni, M.D. (Brazil)


1999 Ricardo N. Barbosa, M.D. (Brazil)


1999 Lindsay Rowe, M.D. (Australia)


1999 Marcello N. Barbosa, M.D. (Brazil)


1999 Juliana C. Campos, M.D. (Brazil)


1999-2000 Michael Aronoff, M.D. (United States)   maronoff@austin.rr.com

Upon completion of his fellowship, Dr. Aronoff joined a group in private practice located in Austin, Texas.


1999-2000 Gordon Boyd, M.D. (United States)   boydgordon@hotmail.com

Gordon Boyd, following the completion of his fellowship, began a career in academics in Halifax, Nova Scotia at Dalhausie

 University Medical Center.


1999-2000 Shella Farooki, M.D. (United States)   farooki-1@medctr.osu.edu

Dr. Farooki joined an academic practice as a radiologist at Ohio State University in Columbus, Ohio.


1999-2000 Gregory Federowicz, M.D. (United States)   gregfed@hotmail.com

Dr. Federowicz finished his fellowship and then entered the private practice of radiology in Savannah, Georgia.

1999-2000 Sunah Feng, M.D. (United States)   sunahfeng@hotmail.com

Upon completion of her fellowship, Dr. Feng joined a private practice group in San Diego, California.

1999-2000 Kerry Kallas, M.D. (United States)   kkallas@san.rr.com  kkallas@cdirad.com

Dr. Kallas, upon completion of his fellowship, joined a musculoskeletal radiology group in Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Center for Diagnostic Imaging in Minnesota.

1999-2000 Duke Nguyen, M.D. (United States)  duke_nguyen99@hotmail.com

Dr. Nguyen, upon completion of his fellowship, joined a private practice group in radiology in Orange County, California.

1999-2000 Robin Orlander, M.D. (United States)   robinolander@aol.com

Currently a fellow in musculoskeletal radiology, and will complete her fellowship January 1st, 2001.


1999-2000 Ronald Sokoloff, M.D. (United States)   ron@brokenbone.com

Dr. Sokoloff has become a part-time faculty member in our department of radiology here at the University of California, San