2009.06.07 Graduation party


2009.05.29 End of year BBQ


2009.05.04 Moving house


2009.03.06 Biopsy party


2009.02.23 DR BDay


2009.02.22 IDJ


Clays Happy Hour




Baltazar, Romulo  rzbaltazar@ucsd.com  Pager: 619-290-3573  End of year lecture; Injury to the Extensor Mechanism



Chan, Steve  ssc018@ucsd.com  Pager: 619-290-3663   End of year lecture; Sessamoids of the foot and ankle




Hiller, Lucas,  Lisa

Logan Kaikane Hiller

 lhiller@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-3493 



Hirata, Jeffrey  jthirata@ucsdcom  Pager: 619-290-3665    End of year lecture   The Temporomandibular Joint



Lemos, Diego  Diego.Lemos@vtmednet.org   Pager: 619-290-3697  End of year lecture; Hoffa's fat pad




Levine, Benjamin  blevine@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-3746  End of year lecture; Soft Tissue Tumor



Markhardt, Brian  awallace@ucla.edu  Pager: 619-290-3957 



Murphy, Amanda  abmurphy@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-4157  End of year lecture; The metatarsophalangeal joint



Nguyen, Michelle  mmariano@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-2495  End of year lecture; Capsulolabroligamentous Structures of the Hip: Anatomy and Pathology



Patel, Priya  pbp002l@ucsd.com  Pager: 619-290-4268    End of year lecture; MR anatomy and injuries of the fingers



Patel, Rakesh  rbp003@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-4399  End of year lecture;  Knee Chondral Repair



Stassen, John  jstassen@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-4677  End of year lecture; The Growing Physis



Wolff, James  jdwolff@ucsd.edu  Pager: 619-290-4759  End of year lecture; Sports Related Injuries of the Elbow