1994-1995 David Klamer, M.D. (United States) No

Following his fellowship, Dr. Klamer joined a private practice group in radiology in Dallas, Texas.


1994-1995 Young-Uk Lee (Korea)


1994-1995 Chih-Feng Tan (Taiwan)


1994-1995 Young-Chen Wang (Taiwan)


1994-1995 Chunhsi Shih (Taiwan)


1994-1995 Karoly Foldes (Hungary)


1994-1995 Thomas Learch, M.D. (United States)   tlearch@hotmail.com

After a one-year fellowship in osteoradiology, Dr. Learch became affiliated with the Department of Radiology at

University of California, Los Angeles. He currently is performing osteoradiology at an affiliated hospital, Olive

View--UCLA Medical Center.


1994-1995 Stacey Siegel, M.D. (United States)   SSiegelmd@yahoo.com

Subsequent to a year of fellowship, Dr. Siegel first joined a group at a Veterans Affairs Medical Center hospital in

West Palm Beach, Florida. She then moved to become affiliated with the New Jersey Medical College, where she

currently remains in practice.


1994-1995 Weyton Tam, M.D. (United States)

Subsequent to a one-year fellowship in osteoradiology, Dr. Tam joined the Department of Radiology at the University of

 Oklahoma, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma. He remains at that facility.


1994-1995 Lawrence White, M.D. (Canada)    lwhite@mtsinai.on.ca

Dr. White, upon completion of his fellowship, returned to Canada and joined the faculty at an affiliated hospital of

the University of Toronto.

1994-1995 Dennis Wilcox, M.D. (United States)

Upon completion of his fellowship, Dr. Wilcox returned to the mid-west where he has joined a private practice

group in Kansas City, Missouri.