30 year Reunion cases





L->R Gary Gold, Tanu Blair, Gina Cho, Gaspar Garcia, Christine Chung, Ed (Loves to play golf) Robertson.

1998-1999 Rosa de la Puente Formoso, M.D. (Spain)


1998-1999 Robert Dantas, M.D. (Brazil)


1998 Andy Sonin   asoninmd@yahoo.com
>Andy and Karen Sonin
>618 E Fairchild Drive
>Highlands Ranch, CO  80126
>(303) 346-4350

>c/o Radiology Imaging Associates
>8200 E Belleview Ave
>Suite 124
>Greenwood Village, CO  80111
>(303) 741-1501
>Fax: (303) 220-5771

1998 Andrew Hooper, M.D. (Australia)  andrew-hooper@usa


1997-2000 Alisara Suptuestat, M.D. (Thailand)


1998-2000 Nittaya Lektrakul, M.D. (Thailand)


1998-1999 Pedro Pinto, M.D. (Portugal)

1998-1999 Patricia Elaine Gagliato, M.D. (Brazil)


1998-1999 Yousuke Kakitsubata, M.D. (Japan)


1998-1999 Jeong Hoon Lee, M.D. (Korea)


1998-1999 Gaspar Garcia, M.D. (United States)   grgmsk@yahoo.com

Following completion of his fellowship, Dr. Garcia entered a private practice of radiology, performing mainly

musculoskeletal  imaging, in San Juan, Puerto Rico.


1998-1999 Andy Spillett, M.D. (United States) No

Following his fellowship, Dr. Spillett entered the private practice of radiology in Tulsa, Okalahoma.


1998-1999 James Edward Robertson, M.D. (United States)    roberjed@yahoo.com

Currently, Dr. Robertson works in a high-powered musculoskeletal group in Charlotte, North Carolina, and is involved

almost  entirely with skeletal imaging.


1998-1999 Thanmaya (Tanu) R  Blair, M.D. (United States)    reddyblair@yahoo.com  Maya Anjali Blair, Born 2/8/8, 9:23 AM, 6 lbs 12 oz, 19 in

Following her fellowship, Dr. Blair elected to remain in San Diego and currently is a staff radiologist at the Scripps Clinic.

1998-1999 Christine Chung, M.D. (United States)   cbchung@ucsd.edu

Dr. Chung joined our faculty in musculoskeletal imaging here at the University of California, San Diego.

1998-1999 Garry Gold, M.D. (United States)     gold@spin.stanford.edu

Dr. Gold returned to Stanford University after he completed our fellowship, and currently is located mainly at the Veterans

 Affairs Medical Center in Palo Alto.


1998-1999 Gina Cho, M.D. (United States)    cbchung@ucsd.edu

Dr. Cho, on completion of her fellowship, joined one of our previous fellows, Dr. David Marcantonio, in

the Department of Radiology at the University of Texas, Southwestern in Dallas, where she is involved in

musculoskeletal imaging.