1990-1991 Mark E. Schweitzer, M.D. (United States)    schweit1@jeflin.tju.edu

Dr. Schweitzer, following a one-year fellowship in osteoradiology, joined the Department of Radiology at Thomas

Jefferson University in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. He currently is an Associate Professor of Radiology at that



1990-1992 Jurg Hodler, M.D. (Switzerland)  Jueg.Hodler@balgrist.ch


1990-1991 Marie Jose Berthiaume, M.D. (Canada)   mjb3gb@sympatico.ca

Upon completion of her fellowship, Dr. Berthiaume returned to Montreal, Canada. She has remained in

academics ever since, her most recent association being with Notre Dame Hospital, University of Montreal.


1990-1991 Xuezhe Zhang, M.D. (China)


1990-1991 Jeffrey D. Towers, M.D. (United States)    towers@rad.arad.upmc.edu

Dr. Towers joined the Department of Radiology at the University of Pittsburgh, following his one-year fellowship.

He has remained at that institution.