UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Normal for age




These cases represent examples of what each sex should look like at various ages.  The highlighted cells have examples.  If the area you are interested in is not highlighted, choice an adjacent area, there is much overlap.  Each row of images represents one person.  Female links are beneath males. The skeletal surveys are likley helpful in the younger age groups. The lack of females is a reflection of our young trauma population.



0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20



Region                                         Region  
Finger             7M Finger   9M Finger   11M Finger 12M Finger 13M Finger             Finger  
Thumb     3M Thumb         9M Thumb             18M Thumb     Thumb 73140/30
Hand 0M Hand 1M Hand 2M Hand 3M Hand 4M Hand 5M Hand 6M Hand 7M Hand 8M Hand 9M Hand 10M Hand 11M Hand 12M Hand 13M Hand 14M Hand 15M Hand 16M Hand 17M Hand     20M Hand Hand 73120/30
Wrist     2M Wrist 3M Wrist 4M Wrist 5M Wrist 6M Wrist 7M Wrist 8M Wrist 9M Wrist 10M Wrist 11M Wrist 12M Wrist 13M Wrist 14M Wrist 15M Wrist  16M Wrist 17M Wrist     20M Wrist Wrist 73100/10
Scaphoid               7M Scaphoid     10M Scaphoid           16M Scaphoid 17M Scaphoid     20M Scaphoid Scaphoid Scaphoid
Forearm       3M Forearm       7M Forearm   9M Forearm 10M Forearm 11M Forearm 12M Forearm     15M Forearm           Forearm 73090
Elbow   1M Elbow 2M Elbow 3M Elbow 4M Elbow 5M Elbow 6M Elbow 7M Elbow 8M Elbow 9M Elbow 10M Elbow 11M Elbow 12M Elbow 13M Elbow 14M Elbow 15M Elbow 16M Elbow 17M Elbow 18M Elbow   20M Elbow Elbow 73070/80
Arm 0M Arm 1M Arm       5M Humerus       9M Humerus 10M Humerus         15M Humerus         20M Humerus Arm 73060
Shoulder   1M Shoulder 2M Shoulder   4M Shoulder 5M
6M Shoulder 7M Shoulder 8M Shoulder 9M
10M Shoulder 11M Shoulder 12M Shoulder 13M
14M Shoulder 15M
16M Shoulder 17M Shoulder 18M Shoulder 19M Shoulder 20M Shoulder Shoulder 73030
Clavicle 0M Clavicle       4M Clavicle   6M Clavicle       10M Clavicle   12M Clavicle         17M Clavicle 18M Clavicle   20M Clavicle Clavicle Clavicle
Foot   1M Foot 2M Foot 3M Foot 4M Foot 5M Foot 6M Foot 7M Foot 8M Foot 9M Foot 10M Foot 11M Foot 12M Foot 13M Foot 14M Foot. 15M Foot 16M Foot 17M Foot 18M Foot 19M Foot 20M Foot Foot 73620/30
Heel             6M Heel       10M Heel   12M Heel   14M Heel   16M Heel 17M Heel 18M Heel 19M Heel   Heel 73650
Ankle   1M
2M Ankle 3M Ankle 4M Ankle 5M Ankle 6M
7M Ankle 8M Ankle 9M Ankle 10M Ankle 11M Ankle 12M Ankle 13M Ankle 14M Ankle 15M Ankle 16M Ankle 17M Ankle 18M
20M Ankle Ankle 73610/00
Tib Fib 0M Tib Fib 1M Tib fib 2M Tib fib 3M Tib Fib 4M Tib fib 5M Tib fib   7M Tib fib   9M Tib fib 10M Tib fib 11M Tib fib   13M Tib Fib       17M Tib fib 18M Tib fib   20M Tib Fib Tib Fib 73590
Knee 0M Knee 1M Knee 2M Knee 3M Knee 4M Knee 5M Knee 6M Knee 7M Knee 8M Knee 9M Knee 10M Knee 11M Knee 12M Knee 13M Knee 14M Knee 15M Knee 16M Knee 17M
18M Knee   20M Knee Knee 73560/62/64/65
Leg 0M Femur 2M Femur 3M Femur Leg 73550
Hip 0M Hips 8M Hips Hip 73520/10
Pelvis 0M Pelvis 1M Pelvis 2M Pelvis 3M Pelvis 4M Pelvis 5M Pelvis 6M Pelvis 7M Pelvis 8m Pelvis 9M Pelvis 10M Pelvis 11M Pelvis 12M Pelvis 13M Pelvis 14M Pelvis 15M Pelvis 16M Pelvis 17M Pelvis 18M Pelvis     Pelvis 72170/90
Spine 0M Spine                                         Spine 7220
Lx spine 0M Lx           6M Lx   8M Lx 9M Lx   11M Lx 12M Lx 13M Lx 14M Lx 15M Lx 16M Lx 17M Lx 18M Lx   20M Lx Lx spine 72080
Tx spine     2M Tx           8M Tx           14M Tx           20M Tx Tx spine 72070
Cx spine   1M Cx 2M Cx 3M Cx 4M Cx 5M Cx 6M Cx 7M Cx 8M Cx 9M Cx 10M Cx 11M Cx 12M Cx 13M Cx 14M Cx 15M Cx 16M Cx 17M Cx 18M Cx   20M Cx Cx spine 72040
Skull     2M Skull                     13M Skull               Skull Skull
Nasal bone           5M Nasal                         18M Nasal 19M Nasal   Nasal bone 70160
Skeletal survey 0M+F SS 1M+F SS 2M+F SS 3M SS                                   Skeletal survey  
Bone Scan     2M Bone scan                       14M Bone scan   16M Bone scan 17M Bone scan 18M Bone scan 19M Bone scan   Bone Scan 78300/06
CT ribs                                 16M CT Ribs         CT ribs CT ribs
CT Sacrum                               15M CT Sacrum           CT Sacrum CT Sacrum





0 6m 1 18m 2 30m 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22
Finger                   6F Finger       9F Finger   12F Finger 13F Finger                
Hand                 5F Hand 7F Hand 8F Hand   10F Hand 11F
13F hand 14F Hand         19F Hand      
Wrist       18mF Wrist   30mF Wrist       6F Wrist 7F Wrist 8F Wrist 9F Wrist 10F Wrist 11F Wrist 12F Wrist 13F Wrist 14F Wrist 15F Wrist              
Scaphoid 6F Scsphoid 7F Scaphoid 10F Scaphoid 20F Scaphoid
Forearm           30mF Forearm   4F Forearm     7F Forearm       11F Forearm                      
Elbow     1F Elbow 18mF Elbow 2F Elbow   3F Elbow 4F Elbow 5F Elbow 6F Elbow   8F Elbow 9F Elbow 10F Elbow 11f Elbow 12F Elbow   14F Elbow 15F Elbow              
Arm                         9F Humerus           15F Humerus              
Shoulder             3F
                      15F Shoulder     18F Shoulder        
Clavicle                         9F Clavicle   11F Clavicle       15F Clavicle     18F Clavicle        
Foot   6mF Foot 1F Foot 2F Foot 2F Foot 30mF Foot 3F Foot 4F Foot 5F Foot 6F Foot 7F Foot 8F Foot 9F Foot   11F Foot 12F Foot 13F Foot 14F Foot     17F Foot     20F Foot    
Heel                                   14F Heel       18F Heel        
Ankle     1F Ankle 2F Ankle       4F Ankle     7F Ankle 8F Ankle 9F Ankle 10F Ankle 11F Ankle     14F Ankle   16F Ankle   18F Ankle        
Tib Fib         2F Tibia                             16F Tib Fib   18F Tib Fib        
Knee         2F Knee   3F Knee     6F Knee 7F Knee 8F Knee 9F Knee         14F Knee 15F Knee 16F Knee            
Leg         2F Femur                 10F Femur           16F Femur            
Hip 0F Hips                         10F Hip                        
Pelvis     1F Pelvis         4F Pelvis         9F Pelvis 10F Pelvis 11F Pelvis 12F Pelvis 13F Pelvis 14F Pelvis 15F Pelvis 16F Pelvis   18F Pelvis 19F Pelvis     22F Pelvis
Lx spine 0F Lx         30mF Lx   4F Lx         9F Lx 10F Lx 11F Lx 12F Lx 13F Lx 14F Lx 15F Lx 16F Lx 17F Lx 18F Lx   20F Lx    
Tx spine                         9F Tx       13F Tx   15F Tx              
Cx spine             3F Cx 4F Cx   6F Cx     9F Cx 10F Cx 11F Cx 12F Cx 13F Cx. 14F Cx 15F Cx 16F Cx 17F Cx 18F Cx        
Skull 0F Skull                                                  
Nasal bone             3F Nasal 4F Nasal                                    
Skeletal survey 0M+F SS 1M+F SS 2M+F SS 3M SS                                      
Bone Scan                                                    


Other normal variants