UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Nuclear physics series Lecture Series


Location:         Cardiovascular Center:

            4th floor Conference Room

Lecturer:          Carl K. Hoh, (ckhoh@ucsd.edu)


Textbooks:      Handouts will be provided from

                        Diagnostic Nuclear Medicine, 3rd Ed. Sandler

                        Nuclear Medicine and PET, 5th Ed Christian


                        Nuclear Cardiology: Practical Applications, 2nd Edition

                        Heller G, Hendel R, McGraw Hill Professional


Time:               Every other Monday at 5:00 6:00 PM




9/22/14      Basic physics of Nuclear Medicine (chapter 2)


10/06/14    Scintillation Detector (chapter 4)


10/20/14    Anger Scintillation Camera (chapter 7)


11/03/14    Basic Principles of Computers (chapter 8)


11/17/14    Single Photon Emission Computed Tomography (chapter 9)


12/01/14    Positron Emission Tomography: Methods and Instrumentation (chapter 10)


12/15/14    Quality Assurance (chapter 11)


12/29/14    no lecture, Happy Holidays


01/12/15    Radiation Protection (chapter 18)


01/26/15    Radiobiology (chapter 20)


02/09/15    Cardiac SPECT Imaging


02/23/15    MUGA (Multi Gated Acquisition)


03/09/15    Cardiac PET Imaging