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Thursday 7am - VA

Physics - Bone Conference Schedules


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HCOP Lectures

Address: 408 Dickinson Street. San Diego, CA 92103

Time: 7am-8am


Friday July 28th – Dr. Brady Huang – “Brachial Plexus”

Thursday August 3rd-Dr. Donald Resnick – “MR Knee”

Friday August 4th- Dr. Peachy Piana, MSK Fellow, End of the Year Presentation

Friday August 11th – MSK Case Conference

Thursday August 17th – Dr. Luke Hiller – “Ultrasound”

Friday August 18th – MSK Case Conference

Thursday August 24th – “MR Physics”

Friday August 25th – MSK Case Conference



Ortho Grand Round Lecture

Please note that this will not take place in our usual teleradiology building, it will be in the main auditorium in the Hillcrest hospital.  


Date: Wednesday August 2nd, 2017

Time: 7:30am-8:30am

Location: Hillcrest Hospital Main Auditorium 1st floor

Lecture: Dr. Donald Resnick will be presenting.


Radiology Grand Rounds Lecture


Date: Tuesday August 15th, 2017

Time: 7am-8am

Location: Moores Cancer Center, Goldberg Auditorium

Lecture: Dr. Christine Chung will be presenting.





Thursday, July 6 – Dr. Hughes “Arthrography”

Friday, July 7- Dr. Hughes “DEXA”

Thursday, July 13- Dr. Resnick “MR Knee”

Friday, July 14- Dr. Resnick “MR Knee”

Thursday, July 20- Dr. Christine Chung “Research Conference”

Thursday, July 27-Dr. Mini Pathria/Dr. Brady Huang “Brachial Plexus










7/28 - Dr. Gentili

8/4 - Dr. Pathria
8/11 - Dr. Chung research conference
8/18 - Dr. Szeverenyi MRI Physics 1 of 4

8/25 - Dr. Szeverenyi MRI Physics 2 of 4

9/1 - Dr. Szeverenyi MRI Physics 3 of 4

9/8 - Dr. Szeverenyi MRI Physics 4 of 4

9/15 - Dr. Hiller MSK Ultrasound (hands-on session at VA)







WHAT: MR PHYSICS, Jiang Du, PhD presenting

WHERE: UCSD Teleradiology Center, 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 370, San Diego, CA 92122

WHEN: Thursday, November 20, 2014 at 7:00am

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Dr. Luke Hiller (lphiller@yahoo.com) directly.

Conference will also be webcast at teleradiologymeetings.webex.com.




Lecture Date Courses
Mini Pathria and Brady Huang - brachial plexus 6-Nov
Karen C. 13-Nov
Jiang - Basic MR Physics 20-Nov
Holiday 27-Nov
No conference 4-Dec RSNA
Scripps Ortho Conference 11-Dec
Jiang - Image Information 18-Dec
Holiday 25-Dec
Holiday 1-Jan
Jiang - Imaging Sequences 8-Jan
TBD 15-Jan
Scripps Ortho Conference 22-Jan
Nick S. lecture 4 29-Jan
TBD 5-Feb
TBD 12-Feb
No conference 19-Feb IDJ Course in SD
Nick S. lecture 5 26-Feb
TBD 5-Mar MSK Ultrasound Course in SD
TBD 12-Mar
Scripps Ortho Conference 19-Mar
Nick S. lecture 6 26-Mar
TBD 2-Apr
No conference 9-Apr Resident Review Course in SD
TBD 16-Apr AUR in New Orleans
TBD 23-Apr ARRS in Toronto
Scripps Ortho Conference 30-Apr
TBD 7-May
TBD 14-May
TBD 21-May
TBD 28-May
TBD 4-Jun
Scripps Ortho Conference 11-Jun





Please find attached the list for our Thursday Bone Conferences. Conferences start at 7:00am, except Scripps Ortho Conferences, which start at 6:40am.


WHAT: MR PHYSICS, Nick Szeverenyi presenting

WHERE: UCSD Teleradiology Center, 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 370, San Diego, CA 92122

WHEN: Thursday, September 25, 2014 at 7:00am

For any questions or concerns, feel free to contact me or Dr. Luke Hiller (lphiller@yahoo.com) directly.


Lecture Date Location Courses
Scripps Ortho Conference 24-Jul Tele
No conference 31-Jul n/a
Nick S. 7-Aug Tele
Cancelled by Jiang D. 14-Aug n/a
UCSD Ortho Conference 21-Aug Tele
Nick S. 28-Aug Tele
Mini Pathria Brachial Plexus 4-Sep Tele
Scripps Ortho Conference 11-Sep Tele
Nick S. 18-Sep Tele
Nick S. 25-Sep Tele
Matt S. 2-Oct VA
Luke H. 9-Oct VA
Christine C. 16-Oct VA ISS in Scotland
Scripps Ortho Conference 23-Oct Tele
MR Physics 30-Oct Tele Post Grad Course in SD
Amil G. 6-Nov VA
Karen C. 13-Nov VA
Matt S. 20-Nov VA
Holiday 27-Nov n/a
No conference 4-Dec n/a RSNA
Scripps Ortho Conference 11-Dec Tele
MR Physics 18-Dec Tele
Holiday 25-Dec n/a
Holiday 1-Jan n/a
Luke H. 8-Jan Tele
TBD 15-Jan TBD
Scripps Ortho Conference 22-Jan Tele
TBD 29-Jan TBD
TBD 12-Feb TBD
No conference 19-Feb n/a IDJ Course in SD
TBD 26-Feb TBD
TBD 5-Mar TBD MSK Ultrasound Course in SD
TBD 12-Mar TBD
Scripps Ortho Conference 19-Mar Tele
TBD 26-Mar TBD
No conference 9-Apr n/a Resident Review Course in SD
TBD 16-Apr TBD AUR in New Orleans
TBD 23-Apr TBD ARRS in Toronto
Scripps Ortho Conference 30-Apr Tele
TBD 14-May TBD
TBD 21-May TBD
TBD 28-May TBD
Scripps Ortho Conference 11-Jun Tele








Lecture Date Courses
Scripps Artho Conference 24-Jul
No conference 31-Jul
Nick S. 7-Aug
Jiang D. 14-Aug
UCSD Ortho Conference 21-Aug
Nick S. 28-Aug
Nick S. 4-Sep
Luke H. 11-Sep
Amil G. 18-Sep
Matt S. 25-Sep
MR Physics 2-Oct
Christine C. 9-Oct
Luke H. 16-Oct ISS in Scotland
Amil G. 23-Oct
Matt S. 30-Oct Post Grad Course in SD
MR Physics 6-Nov
Karen C. 13-Nov
Luke H. 20-Nov
Holiday 27-Nov
No conference 4-Dec RSNA
MR Physics 11-Dec
Christine C. 18-Dec
Holiday 25-Dec
Holiday 1-Jan
TBD 8-Jan
TBD 15-Jan
TBD 22-Jan
TBD 29-Jan
TBD 5-Feb
TBD 12-Feb
TBD 19-Feb IDJ Course in SD
TBD 26-Feb
TBD 5-Mar MSK Ultrasound Course in SD
TBD 12-Mar
TBD 19-Mar
TBD 26-Mar
TBD 2-Apr
TBD 9-Apr Resident Review Course in SD
TBD 16-Apr AUR in New Orleans
TBD 23-Apr ARRS in Toronto
TBD 30-Apr
TBD 7-May
TBD 14-May
TBD 21-May
TBD 28-May





Lecture Date Courses
Scripps Artho Conference 24-Jul
No conference 31-Jul
Nick S. 7-Aug
Jiang D. 14-Aug
Nick S. 21-Aug
Nick S. 28-Aug
Luke H. 4-Sep
Amil G. 11-Sep
Matt S. 18-Sep
MR Physics 25-Sep
Christine C. 2-Oct
Luke H. 9-Oct
Amil G. 16-Oct ISS in Scotland
Matt S. 23-Oct
MR Physics 30-Oct Post Grad Course in SD
Karen C. 6-Nov
Luke H. 13-Nov
Amil G. 20-Nov
Holiday 27-Nov
No conference 4-Dec RSNA
MR Physics 11-Dec
Christine C. 18-Dec
Holiday 25-Dec
Holiday 1-Jan
TBD 8-Jan
TBD 15-Jan
TBD 22-Jan
TBD 29-Jan
TBD 5-Feb
TBD 12-Feb
TBD 19-Feb IDJ Course in SD
TBD 26-Feb
TBD 5-Mar MSK Ultrasound Course in SD
TBD 12-Mar
TBD 19-Mar
TBD 26-Mar
TBD 2-Apr
TBD 9-Apr Resident Review Course in SD
TBD 16-Apr AUR in New Orleans
TBD 23-Apr ARRS in Toronto
TBD 30-Apr
TBD 7-May
TBD 14-May
TBD 21-May
TBD 28-May

Lecture Date Courses
Scripps Artho Conference 24-Jul
No conference 31-Jul
Nick S. 7-Aug
Jiang D. 14-Aug
Nick S. 21-Aug
Nick S. 28-Aug
Luke H. 4-Sep
Amil G. 11-Sep
Matt S. 18-Sep
MR Physics 25-Sep
Christine C. 2-Oct
Luke H. 9-Oct
Amil G. 16-Oct ISS in Scotland
Matt S. 23-Oct
MR Physics 30-Oct Post Grad Course in SD
Karen C. 6-Nov
Luke H. 13-Nov
Amil G. 20-Nov
Holiday 27-Nov
No conference 4-Dec RSNA
MR Physics 11-Dec
Christine C. 18-Dec
Holiday 25-Dec
Holiday 1-Jan
TBD 8-Jan
TBD 15-Jan
TBD 22-Jan
TBD 29-Jan
TBD 5-Feb
TBD 12-Feb
TBD 19-Feb IDJ Course in SD
TBD 26-Feb
TBD 5-Mar MSK Ultrasound Course in SD
TBD 12-Mar
TBD 19-Mar
TBD 26-Mar
TBD 2-Apr
TBD 9-Apr Resident Review Course in SD
TBD 16-Apr AUR in New Orleans
TBD 23-Apr ARRS in Toronto
TBD 30-Apr
TBD 7-May
TBD 14-May
TBD 21-May
TBD 28-May


Please see the bottom of the current Scripps Faculty page



Thursday 03/27


Teleradiology, 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 370

***Please note that this is taking place at Tele and not Carmel Valley***


Friday 03/28
Interesting Case Conference
Teleradiology, 8899 University Center Lane, Suite 370


Bone 7.00-7.45 Physics 7.45-8,30
Thursday VA conferences 2013-14 Date Presentation                    
  1-Aug MR Physics                    
  8-Aug MR Physics                    
  15-Aug MR Physics                    
  22-Aug MR Physics                    
  29-Aug Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  5-Sep KC                   4
  12-Sep AG                   4
  19-Sep MS                   2
  26-Sep LH                   2
  3-Oct MR Physics                   2
  10-Oct Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  17-Oct CC                    
  24-Oct EC                    
  31-Oct KC                    
  7-Nov MR Physics                    
  14-Nov AG                    
  21-Nov Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  28-Nov No conf (Thanksgiving)                    
  5-Dec MR Physics                    
  12-Dec MS                    
  19-Dec LH                    
  26-Dec No conf (Xmas)                    
  2-Jan No conf (New Year)                    
  9-Jan Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  16-Jan MR Physics                    
  23-Jan KC                    
  30-Jan AG                    
  6-Feb CC                    
  13-Feb Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  20-Feb MR Physics                    
  27-Feb fellow                    
  6-Mar fellow                    
  13-Mar fellow                    
  20-Mar MR Physics                    
  27-Mar Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  3-Apr fellow                    
  10-Apr fellow                    
  17-Apr fellow                    
  24-Apr MR Physics                    
  1-May fellow                    
  8-May Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  15-May fellow                    
  22-May fellow                    
  29-May fellow                    
  5-Jun MR Physics                    
  12-Jun Scripps Arthroscopy                    
  19-Jun No conf                    
  26-Jun No conf                    
Scripps Arthroscopy    Carmel Valley (not teleconferenced)                    
Fellow presentations   Teleradiology (will be teleconferenced)                    
MR Physics   VA (will be teleconferenced)                    
VA Faculty   VA (will be teleconferenced)                    




September 2012

September 6 VA Faculty

September 13 VA Faculty

September 20 VA Faculty

September 27 VA Faculty


August 2012

August 2 VA Faculty

August 9 VA Faculty

August 16 VA Faculty

August 23 VA Faculty

August 30 VA Faculty


July 2012

July 5 No conference

July 12 No conference

July 19 No conference

July 26 Research


June 2012

June 7 VA Staff

June 14 VA Staff

June 21 No conference

June 28 No conference


May 2012

May 3 No conferenc

May 10 VA Staff

May 17 VA Staff

May 24 Fellows

May 31 VA Staff


April 2012

April 5 Clark Brixey - Total Hip Athroplasty: component concepts and an overview of normal and abnormal sequelae.

April 12 Fellows

April 19 Michelle Omura - Acute Pediatric Elbow Injury.

April 26 Sarah Wu - TBD


March 2012

March 1 Fellows Marianne Lepage-Saucier - Metatarsophalangeal Joints: Research Project, Anatomy, Pathologies. Viva the curvy toes!

March 8 Fellows Ankit Patel - TBD

March 15 VA Faculty

March 22 Fellows Jeffrey Tan - TBD

March 29 Fellows Alex Ho -  Evaluation of hip trauma and review of classifications



February 2 Dorota Linda: Peripheral Neuropathies of the Upper Limb and Brachial Plexus

February 9 Daria Motamedi: Thermal Ablation of Osteoid Osteoma: Overview and Step By Step Guide.

February 16 Luke Scalcione: Sports Ligamentous and Tendinous Injuries of the Finger

February 23 No conference


January 2012

January 5  Karen Chen

January 12 Luke Hiller

January 19 Amil Gentili

January 26 Eric Chang



December 1 Luke Hiller

December 8 Amil Gentili

December 15 No conference

December 22 No conference

December 29 No conference



November 3 Karen Chen

November 10 Luke Hiller

November  17 Amil Gentili

November 24 No Conference



October 6 Brady Huang

October 13 Karen Chen

October20  Amil Gentili

October 27 Eric Chang



September 1Karen Chen

September 8 Amil Gentilli

September 15 Physics

September 22 No conference

September 28 Luke Hiller


August 2011

August 4 Eric Chang

August 11  Luke Hiller

August 18  Tudor Hughes

August 25  Amil Gentili


July 2011

July 7 No conference

July 14 No conference

July 21 No conference

July 28 No conference


June 2011


June 2 Fellows

June 9  Fellows

June 16  Karen Chen

 June 23  No conference

June 30  No conference


May 2011

May 5th Fellows Fernando Rodriguez (Chino) Osseous Pathology of the Mandible

May 12th Luke Hiller

May 19th Amil Gentili

May 26th   Karen Chen


April 2011

April 7 Fellows Eric Chang

April 14 Fellows Steve Haltom

April 21 Lucas Hiller

April 28 No conference


March 2011

March 3 Fellows   Suzanne Shepherd    Boneoplasm a residents guide

March 10 Fellows   Caroline Yang   Carpal instability 

March 17 Tudor Hughes

March 24 Fellows Jimmy Wang

March 31 Julie Rutledge Coalition


Febuary 2011

February 3 Luke Hiller Core lecture Arthritis

                Feb 4  Arvin Hariri Spinal hardware   

Febuary 10 Fellows Karen Chen Core lecture MSK MR

Febuary 17 Tudor Hughes Residents cases

Febuary 24 No conference


January 2011

January 6 Fellows James Koening Plica of the knee

January 13  Tudor Hughes

January 20 Amil Gentili Core lecture tumors

January 27 Fellows Christine Chung Core lecture Metabolic


December 2010

December 2  Karen Chen

December 9  Tudor Hughes Resident cases/MCQs

December 16 Evelyne Flizar

December 23 No conference

December 30 No conference


November 2010

November 4  Christine CHung

November 11  No conference

November 18  Mini Pathria

November 25  No conference


October 2010

October 7  Amil Gentili

October 14  Lucas Hiller

October 21  Evelyne Fliszar

October 28  Brady Huang


September 2010

September 2 Christine CHung

September 9  Amil Gentili

Septemnber 16 Lucas Hiller

September 23 Karen Chen

September 30 No conference


August 2010

August 5  Dr. Ronald Boucher      Afghanistan

August 12 Luke Hiller

August 19 Mini Pathria Sportsmedicine

August 26 Tudor Hughes


July 2010

July 1   No conference

July 8   No conference

July 15  No conference

July 22  Karen Chen

July 29  Kamran Ahmed      ACJ


June 2010

June 3      Fellows

June 4th Amin Matin Bone tumors

June 10    No Conference

June 17     Sports Ortho Conference Posterolateral corner injuries of the Knee.

June 24    Kamran Ahmed The AC Joint


May 2010

May 6 Binh-to Tran   Articular diseases of the cervical spine.

May 13 Maya Borso   MR protocol optimization

May 20 Jim Burrato    Spine trauma

May 27 Brady Huang   Lumps and bumps of the wrist


April 2010

April 1 Federico Discepola Ulnar sided wrist pain

April 8 Matt Sharp PLRI and other elbow pathology

April 15 Kavita Goratla Muscle imaging

April 22  Sports medicine conference

April 29th  Tudor Hughes cases


March 2010

March 4         No Conference

March 11       Karen Chen

March 18       Amil Gentili

March 25       Scott Yochum Buisness of Radiology


February 2010

February 4      No Conference

February 11   Andrew Knoll Lower extremity nerve anatomy and pathology

February 18   Jenny Bencardino from NYU

February 19    Catherina Fu Groin pain in the athlete

February 25  Sports Medicine conference    Patella tracking


January 2010

January 7     Tudor Hughes

January 14   Amil Gentili

January 21   Sports Medicine conference    FAI

January 28   Mini Pathria


December 2009

January 7     Mini Pathria

January 14   Amil Gentili

January 21   Evelyn Fliszar

January 28   Tudor Hughes


December 2009

December 3      No Conference

December 10    Christine Chung

December 17    Luke Hiller

December 24    No Conference

December 31    No Conference


November 2009

November    5                      Mini Pathria

November    12                    Amil Gentili

November    19                    Evelyn Fliszar

November    26                    Thanksgiving Holiday – No Conference


October 2009

October         1                      Christine Chung

October         8                      Evelyn Fliszar

October         15                    Amil Gentili

October         22                    Tudor Hughes

October         29                    Karen Chen


September 2009

September   3                      Evelyn Fliszar

September   10                    Karen Chen

September   17                    Luke Hiller

September   24                    No Conf


August 2009

August          6                      Tudor Hughes

August          13                    Evelyne Fliszar

August          20                    Karen Chen

August          27                    Luke Hiller


July 2009

July                2                      Tudor Hughes - Arthrography

July                9                      No Conference

July                16                    No Conference

July                23                    No Conference

July                30                    Physics exam



June 2009

June               4                      Fellows     John Stassen The growing physis

June               11                    James Wolff       Elbow anatomy and pathology

June               18                    No Conference

June               25                    No Conference


May 2009

May 7  Michelle Nguyen  hip, labroligamentous anatomy and pathology

May 14 Ben Levine msk soft tissue tumors

May 21 Jeff Hirata  Temporomandibular Joint Anatomy and Pathology

May 28  Romulo Baltazar ACL research project / knee mechanisms of injury


April 2009


April               2                      Tudor Hughes Boards cases Hillcrest

April               9                      Rakesh Patel

April               16                    Diego Lemos   Anatomy, pathology, and imaging findings of Hoffa's infrapatellar fat pad 

April               23                    Tudor Hughes Boards cases VA

April               30                    Priya Patel   MRI anatomy of finger joints  ARRS Boston


March 2009

March            5                     Amanda Murphy     The metatarsophalangeal joints of the foot (MR anatomy and pathology).

March            12                    Fellows

March            19                    Steve Chan   "Ossicles and Sesamoids of the Foot and Ankle - A Love Story"

March            26                    No Conference


February 2009

February 5                            Evelyne Fliszar

February 12                         Scripps Scope-MR correlation

February 19                         No Conference

Febrary 26                            Tudor Hughes


January 2009

January                     1          No Conference

January                     8          Mini Pathria core lecture MSK infection

January                     15        Amil Gentili core lecture Total joint

January                     22        Christine Chung Metabolic bone disease

January                     29        Lina Chen core lecture MSK MRI


December 2008

December   4   No Conference

December   11  Lina

December   18   Evelyn

December   25   No conference


November 2008

NOVEMBER   6                   Christine Chung    

NOVEMBER 13                   Mini Pathria

NOVEMBER  20                  Tudor Hughes

NOVEMBER  27                  Holiday


October 2008

OCTOBER       2      Lina Chen    

OCTOBER       9      Christine Chung

OCTOBER     16      Evelyne Fliszar

OCTOBER     23      Tudor Hughes

OCTOBER     30      Christine Chung



September 2008

SEPTEMBER    4                Tudor Hughes       

SEPTEMBER   11               Mini Pathria

SEPTEMBER   18               Lina Chen

SEPTEMBER   25               Amil Gentili


August 2008

AUGUST     7            Christine Chung    

AUGUST  14            Tudor Hughes

AUGUST  21            Lina Chen

AUGUST  28            Amil Gentili


July 2008

JULY           3            NO CONFERENCE           

JULY         10            NO CONFERENCE

JULY         17            NO CONFERENCE

JULY         24            NO CONFERENCE

JULY         31            Amil Gentili


June 2008

JUNE   5                    NO CONFERENCE           

JUNE 12                    Craig Stewart  Cartilage imaging

JUNE  19                   Vjekslav Jeras

JUNE  26                   Possible Sports arthroscopy radiology correlation - Scripps carmel valley  6:30 AM Scripps Clinic


May 2008

MAY   1                      Grace Bhardwaj    Rotator interval 

MAY   8                      No Conference

MAY  15                     Tracy MacNair

MAY  22                     Matthew McNairy   Snowboard and Skiing injuries

MAY  29                     Sports arthroscopy radiology correlation - Scripps carmel valley   6:30 AM Scripps Clinic


April 2008

APRIL   3                  Rosalyn    The TMJ

APRIL  10                 Vaibhav  Ankle impingement

APRIL  17                 ARRS  Tudor  Hughes Board cases

APRIL  24                  Darren   FAI


March 2008

MARCH   6                Amil Gentili  

MARCH  13               Dexter Witte  MR of Soft Tissue Masses

MARCH  20               No conference  RRRC

MARCH  27               Tudor Hughes Board Board Cases


February 2008

FEBRUARY    7                   Tudor Hughes     Cases 

FEBRUARY   14                  Lina Chen

FEBRUARY   21                  NO CONFERENCE

FEBRUARY   28                  Sabrina Covert   Plantar pathology

Lou Gilula Feb 25-26


January 2008

JANUARY    3                      Tudor Hughes       

JANUARY   10                     Christine Chung

JANUARY   17                     MRI protocols

JANUARY   24                     Amil Gentili

JANUARY   31                     Mini Pathria


January 2008

January 3

January 10 Graeme Bydder

January 17

January 24 No Physics

January 31


December 2007

DECEMBER    6      Christine Chung

DECEMBER 13      Mini Pathria

DECEMBER 20      Amil Gentili



December 2007

December 6     Bydder

December 13   Jiang Du, Ph.D, will be speaking on MR Artifacts

December 20  Bydder

December 27  No Physics Holiday


November 2007

NOVEMBER    1      Lina Chen

NOVEMBER    8      Amil Gentili

NOVEMBER 15      Tudor Hughes


NOVEMBER  29      Christine Chung


November 2007

November 1    No Physics

November 8    Sinha

November 15  Sinha

November 22  Holiday No Physics

November 29  No Physics RSNA Week


October 2007

OCTOBER       4      Lina Chen

OCTOBER     11      Amil Gentili

OCTOBER     18      Tudor Hughes



October 2007

October 4        No Physics

October 11      Sinha

October 18      Sinha

October 25      Sinha


September 2007

SEPTEMBER             6        Mini Pathria

SEPTEMBER          13        Amil Gentili

SEPTEMBER          20        Tudor Hughes   Sports injuries

SEPTEMBER          27        Lina Chen


September 2007

September 6    Bydder

September 13  Bydder

September 20  No Physics

September 27  Bydder


August 2007

AUGUST      2           Amil Gentili

AUGUST      9           Helene Hoffman    PowerPoint posters

AUGUST    16           Christine Chung

AUGUST    23           Donald Resnick

AUGUST    30           Lina Chen


August 2007

August 2         No Physics

August 9         No Physics

August 16       Bydder

August 23       Bydder

August 30       No Physics


July 2007

JULY   5                    No Conference

JULY  12                   No Conference

JULY  19                   No Conference

JULY  26                   Tudor Hughes      Cx spine trauma - July 27 Pediatric MSK



May 3 –           Nick Panchal: Ankle pathology

                        James Chang: Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty

May 10 –         Rick Arigo: ACL reconstruction

                        Toni Roth: Patellar tracking

May 17 –         Don Oloffson: Cervical Spine Injuries

                        Dean Bruce: TBA

May 24 –         Scot Sherwood: TBA

                        Stephanie Casey: Medial Support Structures of the Knee.  How to show 1000 word slides per hour.

May 31 –         Dan Gill: My Friend, The Coracoid Process - A review of literature from Outer Mongolia to Patagonia from 1872 to 2015  Scott Sherwood: Every important fact you should know about the Spine


April 2007

APRIL   5                    Pubmed/endnote in the VA computer lab room 

APRIL  12                  Ortho hardware and related concerns" John and  Deb

APRIL  19                  How to Google like a trucker girl would

APRIL  26                 Preeti Tuladhar: Psoriasis

                        Amy Wu: Congenital Foot Disorders


March 2007

MARCH   1                Amil Gentili Jeopardy

MARCH   8                Christine Chung MRI Finger par deux physics

MARCH  15               Tudor Hughes  Resident Metabolic bone

MARCH  22               No Conference Physics start 7.15 am

MARCH  29               Mini Pathria



FEBRUARY    1                   Mini Pathria Bone Metasteses

FEBRUARY    8                   Christine Chung  MRI Finger part one

FEBRUARY   15                  Tudor Hughes  Resident Cases

FEBRUARY   22                  No Conference


June 2007

07 June                        Shantanu Sinha                        Research topics/other topics

14                                Shantanu Sinha                        Research topics/other topics

21                                Graeme Bydder                       Research topics/other topics

28                                Graeme Bydder                       Research topics/other topics



May 2007

03 May                                    No lecture                    --

10                                Graeme Bydder                       Diffusion

17                                Graeme Bydder                       Newer techniques

24                                No lecture                    --

31                                Graeme Bydder                       Research in tissue properties and pulse sequences


April 2007

05 April                       Shantanu Sinha                        Slice selection and k-space mapping

12                                Shantanu Sinha                        Spin echo

19                                Shantanu Sinha                        Gradient echo

26                                Graeme Bydder                       Inversion recovery


March 2007

01 March                     Shantanu Sinha                        Recap Basic Physics

08                                Graeme Bydder           The NMR experiment

15                                Graeme Bydder                       MR tissue parameters

22                                Graeme Bydder                       MR tissue parameters

29                                Graeme Bydder                       Matching pulse sequences to tissue parameters



01 February                 Shantanu Sinha                        Basic physics

08                                Shantanu Sinha                        Basic physics

15                                No lecture                    --

22                                No lecture                    --



JANUARY    4                       No Conference      

JANUARY   11                     Tudor Hughes Resident cases

JANUARY   18                     Dina Ragheb  Board cases

JANUARY   25                     No Conference



DECEMBER 7         Nataliya Plyushcheva

DECEMBER 14       Donald Resnick  

DECEMBER 21       Tudor Hughes  Resident cases

DECEMBER 28       No Conference




NOVEMBER 2         Tudor Hughes Commonly missed fractures

NOVEMBER 9         Christine Chung   Hip rotator cuff

NOVEMBER 16       Amil Gentili





OCTOBER 5              Amil Gentili  MRI foot part 2

OCTOBER 12            Tudor Hughes  Hip MRI 1

OCTOBER 19            Tudor Hughes  Hip MRI 2

OCTOBER 26            Mini Pathria  Tumors



SEPTEMBER 7       Tudor Hughes  MSK Infection

SEPTEMBER 14     Tudor Hughes  Peripheral Nerve Entrapment

SEPTEMBER 21     Amil Gentili  MRI foot part 1

SEPTEMBER 28     Christine ChungElbow MRI part 2



AUGUST 3                Christine Chung  Elbow MRI part 1

AUGUST 10              Tudor Hughes  Endocrine part 1

AUGUST 17              Lee Rogers  Hip fractures and cases

AUGUST 24              Mini Pathria  Metastatic disease

AUGUST 31              Amil Gentili  Tumors


JULY 2006

JULY 8                       No Conference      

JULY 13                    No Conference

JULY 20                    No Conference

JULY 27                    Amil Gentili  Orhtopedic hardware


JUNE 2006

June 1                        Nerve entrapment part deux

JUNE 8                      Kate Stevens Elbow MRI

JUNE 15                    Fellows

JUNE 22                    No Conf

JUNE 29                    No Conf


MAY 2006

MAY 4                        Fellows        

MAY 11                      Fellows

MAY 18                      Fellows

MAY 25                      Tudor Hughes Nerve entrapment syndromes


APRIL 2006

APRIL    6                  No conference           

APRIL    13                Fellows

APRIL   20                 No Conference

APRIL   27                 Fellows


MARCH 2006

MARCH    2               Tudor Hughes           

MARCH    9               Donald Resnick

MARCH   16              Christine Chung

MARCH   23              No Conference

MARCH   30              Amil Gentili



FEBRUARY    2                     Donald Resnick

FEBRUARY    9                     Christine Chung

FEBRUARY   16                    Amil Gentili

FEBRUARY   23                    No Confernce



JANUARY    5                       Mini Pathria              

JANUARY   12                      Carl S. Winalski, Imaging of cartilage repair.

JANUARY   19                      Scripps Conference

JANUARY   26                      Amil Gentili



DECEMBER    1               Tudor Hughes  Metabolic bone                      

DECEMBER    8                   Scripps Conference

DECEMBER   15                  Christine Chung

DECEMBER   22                  Amil Gentili

DECEMBER   29                  Holiday – No conference




NOVEMBER    3                   Amil Gentili

NOVEMBER   10                  Christine Chung    Shoulder MRI

NOVEMBER   17                  Tudor Hughes   Sports Injuries

NOVEMBER   24                  Holiday – No conference



OCTOBER    6                       No Conference

OCTOBER   13                      Donald Resnick: Arthritis, Pt. 2

OCTOBER   20                      Mini Pathria  MR of the Elbow

OCTOBER   27                      No Conference



SEPTEMBER    1                  Mini Pathria: Thoracic and Lumbar Trauma                      

SEPTEMBER    8                  Tudor Hughes: Commonly missed extremity fractures

SEPTEMBER  15                  Donald Resnick: Osteomyelitis and septic arthritis

SEPTEMBER  22                  Amil Gentili: Emergency Radiology

SEPTEMBER 29                   Tudor Hughes: Cervical spine trauma



AUGUST    4             Christine Chung: MR Protocols                        

AUGUST  11             Amil Gentili: Total Joint Replacement

AUGUST  18             Donald Resnick: Arthritis

AUGUST  25             Scripps Conference


JULY 2005

JULY    7                    No Conference                              

JULY  14                   No Conference

JULY  21                   No Conference

JULY  28                   No Conference


JUNE 2005

JUNE    2                   No Conference                              

JUNE    9                   No Conference

JUNE  16                   No Conference

JUNE  23                   No Conference

JUNE  30                   No Conference


MAY 2005

MAY    5                     Donald Resnick                             

MAY  12                     Tudor Hughes

May   19                     Christine Chung

MAY  26                     No Conference


APRIL 2005

APRIL    7                  No Conference                              

APRIL  14                  Tudor Hughes

APRIL  21                  Amil Gentili

APRIL  28                  Mini Pathria


MARCH 2005

MARCH    3               No Conference                              

MARCH  10               Tudor Hughes

MARCH  17               No Conference

MARCH  24               Christine Chung



February 2005

February    3             Donald Resnick                             

February  10                        Amil Gentili

February  17                        Christine Chung

February  24                        Amil Gentili



January 2005

January    6              Donald Resnick                             

January  13              Amil Gentili

January  20              Mini Pathria

January  27              No Conference


December 2004

December    2                      Mini Pathria                         

December    9                      Amil Gentili

December  16                      Tudor Hughes

December  23                      No Conference

December  30                    No Conference


November    2004 

November    4                      Christine Chung                            

November  11                      HOLIDAY

November  18                      Tudor Hughes

November  25                      HOLIDAY


October 04

October    7               Amil Gentili                          

October  14              No Conference

October  21              Donald Resnick

October  28              Donald Resnick


September 04

September    2                     Mini Pathria                         

September    9                     Donald Resnick

September  16                     Amil Gentili

September  23                     Tudor Hughes

September  30                     Donald Resnick


August 04

August    5                Donald Resnick                             

August  12                Tudor Hughes

August  19                Christine Chung

August  26                Amil Gentili


July 04

July    1                      No Conference                              

July    8                      No Conference

July  15                      No Conference

July  22                      Christine Chung

July 29                       Donald Resnick


June 04


June    3                    Tudor Hughes                                

June  10                    Christine Chung

June  17                    No Conference

June  24                    No Conference


May 04

May    6                      Christine Chung                            

May  13                      No Conference

May  20                      Amil Gentili

May  27                      Donald Resnick


April 04

April    1                     Christine Chung                            

April    8                     Donald Resnick                             

April  15                     No Conference

April  22                     Amil Gentili

April  29                     Tudor Hughes


March 04

March    4                  Donald Resnick                             

March  11                  Tudor Hughes

March  18                  Donald Resnick

March  25                  Mini Pathria


Febuary 04

February 5 Donald Resnick

February 12 Christine Chung

February 19 Mini Pathria

February 26 Amil Gentili


January 04

January 1 Holiday – No Conference

January 8 Amil Gentili

January 15 Mini Pathria

January 22 Donald Resnick

January 23 No Conference


December 03

December 3 No Conference

December 11 Donald Resnick

December 18 Christine Chung

December 25 HOLIDAY


November 03

November 6 Tudor Hughes

November 13 Christine Chung

November 20 Amil Gentili

November 27 HOLIDAY


October 03

October 2 Donald Resnick

October 9 Christine Chung

October 16 Amil Gentili

October 23 Mini Pathria

October 30 Tudor Hughes


September 03

September 4 No Conference

September 11 Tudor Hughes

September 18 Amil Gentili

September 25 Mini Pathria


August 03

August 6 Amil Gentili

August 14 Tudor Hughes

August 21 Christine Chung

August 28 Donald Resnick


July 03

July 3 No Conference

July 10 No Conference

July 17 Mini Pathria

July 24 Donald Resnick

July 31 Christine Chung


June 03

June 5 Mini Pathria

June 12 Donadl Resnick

June 19 No Conference

June 26 No Conference


May 03

May 1 No Confererce

May 8 Donald Resnick

May 15 Mini Pathria

May 22 Amil Gentili

May 29 Christine Chung


April 03

April 3 Donald Resnick

April 10 Christine Chung

April 17 Tudor Hughes

April 24 No Conference


March 03

March 6 No Conference

March 13 Tudor Hughes

March 20 Mini Pathria

March 27 Donald Resnick


February 03

Thurs, Feb 4 Gentili

Thurs, Feb 13 Chung

Thurs, Feb 20 CANCELLED

Thurs, Feb 27  Pathria


January 03

January 2 Tudor Hughes

January 9 Mini Pathria

January 16 Donald Resnick

January 23 Christine Chung

January 30 No Conference


December 02

December 5 No Conference

December 12 Donald Resnick

December 19 Christine Chung

December 26 No Conference


November 02

November 7 No Conference

November 14 Amil Gentili

November 21 Tudor Hughes

November 28 No Conference


October 02

October 3 Mini Pathria

October 10 Amil Gentili

October 17 Donald Resnick

October 24 Tudor Hughes

October 31 Christine Chung


September 02

September 3 No Conference

September 10 Christine Chung

September 17 Donald Resnick

September 24 No Conference


August 02

August 6 Donald Resnick            

August 13 Christine Chung            

August 20 Mini Pathria                   

August 27 Donald Resnick           


July 02

Tuesday July 2 No Conference

Tuesday July 9 No Conference

Tuesday July 16 Donald Resnick

Tuesday July 23 Christine Chung

Tuesday July 30 Tudor Hughes