2001 Written Boards Questions

  1. Which is true regarding primary megaureter?

    a. Functional Obstruction—lacks propulsion

    b. Right greater than left

    c. Other choices

  2. SIN is associated with ______?

    a. Hydrosalpinx

    b. Uterine synechia

    c. Other Choices

  3. Showed graph of progressively increasing ventricles in fetus with normal head circumference (atrium measuring 2cm). Dx?

    a. Holoprosencephaly

    b. Normal

    c. Hydranencephaly

    d. Chiari II

    e. One other choice

  4. Showed short axis heart and there was an isointense structure adjacent to LV wall

    a. Papillary muscle

    b. Thrombus

    c. Myxoma

    d. Others

  5. Stupid DNR question
  6. Stupid NM question on disposing of radiopharm, etc (NRC)
  7. Phantom QC--weekly
  8. Hemangioma questions 2 or 3
  9. Panc cystic tumor questions 2 or 3
  10. Angio for palliative therapy of islet cell tumor mets, decrease bulk/pain
  11. Drusen ŕ Optic berve calcification
  12. Rx of Graves vs. Plummers
  13. PET indications: colon ca, lymphoma, myocard viability, etc.
  14. Best agent for viability: PET vs Tl
  15. Increased EF seen with ?AI
  16. Wide pulse pressure. Cause? PDA?
  17. Lytic Lesion with sclerotic borders: ven lake, met, epidermoid, etc.
  18. Most sens/spec way to dx sacral insuff fx: MRI, CT, NM, xray, tomo
  19. MRI shows IDEM midline cyst ant. With vert cleft: neuroenteric cyst
  20. High T2 signal with dilated optic chiasm/nerve: NF1
  21. Nontraumatic SAH, what % will have mult aneurysms 5/20/40/60/80
  22. NM dose administered from prescribed 10%
  23. High density on NECT: lymphoma
  24. Meigs syndrome tumor: Fibroma
  25. pituitary question: flat/concave on top?
  26. Most common pulm fungal infection: ?PCP choice; Crypt; Candida
  27. No large esoph ulcers: HSV
  28. Fundal mass/panc Ca: Varices
  29. MALT lymphoma assoc. with: H pylori
  30. Periostits assoc. with seroneg spondys
  31. Indication of NM Brain study with Diamox?
  32. Kappa coefficient?
  33. Verification bias?
  34. Which is demyl./autoimmune/post viral: GBS, Binswngers, etc (ADEM not an option)
  35. Miliary pattern: Melanoma/thyroid
  36. No pulm nodules with which CA: prostate
  37. Chest wall mass with permeative rib destruction (kid): NB mets v leukemia?
  38. Followup of nontraumatic subcapsular blood-Serial US, MR, CT, plain, IVPs
  39. Dissection question does not involve what branch
  40. Increase velocity in ICA may be seen with?
  41. Aliasing artifact
  42. EDH crosses midline
  43. OPLL
  44. IMA question False? Supplies HF to anus
  45. OHSS
  46. Leg weakness and bone abnormalities: Aluminum toxicity???
  47. TV and PV repair: carcinoid with liver mets
  48. pulm AVM: recur more often than systemic AVMs
  49. Increased breast CA: Fibrosis?
  50. Pagets: Form of DCIS
  51. LCIS Rx-?bl mastectomy
  52. MLO view 2 questions
  53. Triangulating
  54. Most severe/unstable c-spine injury
  55. which fx stable/unstable?
  56. Post tib tendon tear?
  57. 20 yo with acute calf pain with tennis: plantaris rupture
  58. Scaphoid waist fx assoc. with ?perilunate disloc.
  59. Lefort 3 question
  60. Long temp bone fx (conductive loss and facial nerve inj)
  61. Not cause of pap nec: DM/TB/SCD/NSAIDs/Cirrhosis???
  62. IV contrast – complete GFR????
  63. Gad question – treat side effects like iodine contrast???
  64. AIDS kidneys-how to diff (size?)
  65. Adenoma vs HCC diff.
  66. Esoph leiomyoma (see distally)
  67. Adrenal mass in lung CA pt with sim signal on in/out phase – MET
  68. MIBG/Octreotide questions 2 or 3
  69. Most common extra-adrenal pheo: lumbar symp gang
  70. Which does not calcify: TCC/SCC/Radiation/alk en cyst/Malacoplakia
  71. Presinusoidal portal htn—schisto???
  72. not small capacity/thick bladder: SCI(UMN), cystitis, xrt, DM (LMN)
  73. Ureteral edema???
  74. Anatomy: SVC is ant to RPA
  75. Where to place IVC filter in circumaortic renal vein on left
  76. Pyeloinfundib atresia leads to MCDK or ARPCKD?
  77. Indic for perc neph
  78. Mistake by colleague what to do
  79. approach to calyces with perc neph
  80. pyelo dx (striations)
  81. Infections at ileocecal valve don’t include: giardia
  82. 20 yo with lul cavity and sudden hemoptysis: dx-TB?
  83. Most common type of choledochal cyst (fusiform CBD)
  84. Questions on tubulovillous polyps and hyperplastic polyps
  85. Whipple’s – LD lymph nodes
  86. Lipoma of colon
  87. Zenker’s question-occurs at inferior cerv esoph (false)
  88. Spigelian Hernia
  89. Most common comp of ERCP? Pancreatitis
  90. Delayed imaging for cholangioCA
  91. FNH vs fl HCC (know scars)
  92. Staging lung CA
  93. Kawaskis not assoc with: CAA, myocarditis, GB hydrops, RF, peric effusion
  94. #1 cause of pneumomed. - ruptured alveolus
  95. #1 cause of nl heart and edema in infant: TAPVR??? Nonobstructed
  96. which not contour forming on PA chest: MPA, LA, RA, LVOT, RVOT
  97. DDH dislocate in what position: flex v ABER
  98. DDH imaging question???
  99. IABP placement
  100. Constrictive pericarditis ca v 8mm thick
  101. Not an upper lung dz.
  102. Centrilob emphysema???
  103. On HRCT LAMM looks like what???
  104. Primitive carotid-basilar comm. – Otic
  105. SAH 1 week postop – dec MS/LE weak – cause? HC, spasm
  106. PM bleed – atrophy
  107. hypotensive/bradycardia – atropine
  108. stuck twin seen with dimo
  109. osteoporosis and trabec – vert last to go
  110. palp mass – US and mammo negative – suspicious vs. further imaging
  111. 6 month post lumpectomy/XRT – dense breast/thick skin – cause? CA, XRT, it is
  112. poly/oligo??
  113. postpartum ov vein thrombosis – which is least likely?
  114. EBCT questions 2; 55yo nl chance of sig CAD (I put <15%), CA 1st 2cm?
  115. Contains gas: CAM, Bronch Cyst, Sequestration
  116. Wormian Bones False = Chiari
  117. Sjogren’s Syndrome
  118. Mammo screening rec.
  119. Pop vein tributaries
  120. Increased RI (.9) 3 days post TX – ATN, rejection, RA/RV problem, CST
  121. Reversal of flow in TX – RV occlusion
  122. Osteoporosis increased risk of fx – cortical destruction
  123. Short axis MR view
  124. Indium vs Gallium
  125. AORTIC graft infection – mortality 30-70%? Fluid = infection?
  126. Best way to dx gastrinoma
  127. Most common assoc with HS kidneys…UPJ?Infxn?
  128. Not indic for TIPS – splenic vein thrombosis
  129. Supplies post limb of IC – ant choroids? Lentstriate? Rec art heb?
  130. Bx shows Ca; path sees no Ca; xray paraffin block
  131. Diagram of US & biopsy needle
  132. MRI with patella dislocation
  133. Arrythmogenic Dysplasia – relative with sudden death/fat on MRI in vent
  134. Tamoxifen Increases risk of endom CA
  135. All assoc with increased three phase except necrotic dm toe
  136. Adult elbow disloc what gets caught
  137. Mult calcified bodies – idiop tum calc
  138. RDS vs ttn – lung volumes
  139. pituitary contour
  140. Diamox brain study
  141. HIDA active transport
  142. Best seen on 4 chamber view = ECD
  143. ASD big pa
  144. choroids plexus cysts – tris 18
  145. Growth plate question…wide in lead poisoning/same blood as met/trauma
  146. trauma to pelvis and pt dies – bleeding
  147. ASD vs VSD and dev of eisenmengers
  148. lateral disc herniation at 4-5
  149. CANT localize with MIBG – aldosteronoma
  150. TURP removes TZ
  151. Which does not support pelvic structures – UG diaph??
  152. Most medial nerve in Cav Sinus
  153. Vagus goes through diaph with what? Esoph
  154. Cronkite Canada – nail atrophy
  155. Which is not intraductal – medullary
  156. Most aggressive DCIS
  157. MS looks like lyme disease
  158. SC vs angio
  159. Severe angina during persantine study: what do you do?
  160. Osteoporosis: Increased alk phos, etc
  161. Situs Inversus question; apex and stomach on right
  162. Recurrent staph infections – CGD
  163. Homon. Hemianopsia – lesion?
  164. Microcolon – mec ileus
  165. Peak of legionella pna - ?bl cons
  166. Question regarding aortic valve stenosis/calc in bicuspid vs nl
  167. Diastolic dysfxn question
  168. RC tendon injury (?false), hypo/hyper/no tendon/etc
  169. Varicocele questions 2: pamp plexus. Side affected?
  170. Tumor at conus - ?mucopapillary ependymoma
  171. Neuroent cyst question
  172. esoph doesn’t have what?
  173. Ant wall of lesser sac
  174. Volar plate injury
  175. Sign of thyroid cancer – microCA
  176. Smooth mass chance of CA
  177. Swollen tender thyroid with low uptake – subacute thyroiditis
  178. Least common post fossa mass in kid? CPP
  179. Vital capacity question
  180. Most common cause of RVT in adult?
  181. Which stone has lowest HU? Urate/Indinavir/Cystine/etc
  182. Contraind in pulm angio – LBBB
  183. Brightest thing on head US? Choroid plexus not a choice; Vermis
  184. Liver dz Brain BG bright on T1







1-2 pictures only

No physics