UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


How to teleconference





1.  http://medcentermeetings.webex.com

2.  Presuming this is being used at 7 am or noon, there should be a topic called "radiology am" or "radiology".    Click start meeting.

3.  USER:  MedCenterHost,   PW:  Ucsdmeeting3

4.  Audio --> intregrated VOIP --> start conference  (the audio wizard needs to be run the first time)

            IMPORTANT:  Ensure the audio device is set for “headset” not “microphone”

5.  Share Desktop




1.  http://medcentermeetings.webex.com

2.  Click Join.

3.  Name = hc, th, va, etc.  email address is yours.  meeting pw is Dr. Stark password but with capital first letter and a 1 at the end.

4. Say yes to join integrated VOIP (setup audio if first time)




























As you all know, the adobe acrobat based connect now web sharing platform has undergone some updates recently. In the end, its actually easier for us.

Whether you are hosting or watching, simply go directly to:


(note: Maz already has this linked on our radres site front page, left column)

If you are watching, click Enter as guest, type your guest name (i.e. location) and click enter.

If you are hosting, click Enter with your Adobe ID (radres.ucsd@gmail.com) and password.

From there on out, its the same (always click the mic icon first, click share computer/desktop, etc.).


ps - Maz, could update our site with the above instructions at http://radiology.ucsd.edu/radres/documents/misc/teleconf.html (and delete the old info below the phone numbers) please?

pps - again, I suggest using Firefox or Chrome, not Internet Explorer










Hello all,

The department has graciously agreed to fund the expansion our current Adobe Acrobat web based conferencing system (for a full year, to start).

Starting now, we have the capacity to share our talks/presentations with our 3 primary sites, plus the Children's and Navy sites (5 total, including the presenter).

Hopefully this will therefore make it possible for 95% (+) of our residents to view core and noon conferences, regardless of where they are.

To remind you, we all need to be familiar with the web address "to go" in order to watch any presentation (copy this link at what ever computer you use to watch presentations; it never changes):


Note: there is no "www" or "http" at beginning. When you go there, just enter the name of the site you are watching from (TH, VA, HC, CH, Navy, etc.). Click the microphone icon if you want to be heard (outgoing). Make sure the speakers are plugged in and working.

As the presenter site, you start at:


Click on the purple "connectnow" icon, use our radres.ucsd@gmail.com log in and standard password to enter (only the presenter needs a password).

Click the microphone icon first (to transmit sound), then click "screen share", then go for it.

Take care,