UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology



Dictating and signing reports at Scripps Green

June 20, 2002


1. Push button next to staff's name on dictaphone. After you hear the prompts, scan bar code given on patient's information sheet. (If scanner does not work, manually enter the patientís medical record number). Begin dictating.

2. Dictation should include: fellow and staff's last name, patients last name, medical record #, type and date of study, history and comparison's date.

3. After dictation is complete hit "L" button on hand held dictaphone.

4. To do addendum, repeat above with initial statement including word "addendum".

Signing reports:

1. Call extension 4-2648. Secretary (Les) will give you usernames and passwords and instructions for siging reports. A demonstration is the easiest way to learn to sign and edit reports.

2. Generally, the fellows sign everybody's reports including staff - unless told otherwise.