UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology





You will need to have a California Flouroscopy Permit in order to perform flouroscopy at the University Hospital and Thornton Hospital. Mike Clement is our Radiation Safety Advisor and will be contacting you by mail to obtain this license. This is a MUST have license. He needs to be appraised of the status of your application immediately.

If you already have a permit, mail Mike Clement a copy to UCSD Radiology 8756.

If you have applied but do not yet have a permit, notify him at 619-543-6664. He needs to at least have a copy of the application mailed to him on file for JACHO.

If you have not applied, you need to do so IMMEDIATELY!! An application will be provided to you when you go through your registration procedure.

If you have lost it Contact

Radiologic Health Branch/Certification

Department of Health Services

601 N. 7th Street

Sacramento, CA 94234-7320

Do not contact me I do not have these forms.