UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology



Electronic Informed Consent at the VA

  1. Go to fluoro room 4
  2. Go to the far right computer behind the glass
  3. Log-in to the computer (you will need a VA computer access username and password…if you don’t have one, call the HELP desk)
  4. Open CPRS on desktop (to log-in, you will need a CPRS username and password)
  5. Once CPRS opens, select the patient using the first letter of the last name and the last 4 digits of the social security number which = MR number)
    1. Example, John Smith 123-45-6789 would be S6789
  6. Once patient is selected, look at the box in the upper left of the screen…there should be a little blue man with a paperclip overlying him (it will be obvious)
    1. If there is a blue man, continue
    2. If there is no blue man, the electronic consent will not work…close CPRS…open the Computer & Education folder on the desktop…open CPRS from this folder, sign-in, and select patient
  7. Select Tools (toolbar at top left)
  9. A new CPRS log-in will appear…log-in again (this opens the electronic consent program)
  10. In the middle third of the new window is a list of medical specialties…select Interventional Radiology
  11. Under Interventional Radiology, select “Consents – Basic”
  12. Use the list that appears on the right to select the appropriate procedure (eg- “Arthrography – Shoulder”)
  13. Click “Begin Consent” in the lower right of the window (shoulder arthrogram consent will load)
  14. Answer the questions as they come up
    1. Does patient have decision-making capacity? Yes (click Next button)
    2. Anatomical Location and Side…type in site (Right shoulder) (click Next button)
    3. Is it expected that an anesthesia practitioner will be involved in this treatment/procedure? No (click Next button)
    4. Is it expected that blood products may be used in this treatment/procedure? No (click Next button)
    5. Practitioner obtaining consent…put in your own name, last name first (click Next button)

                                                              i.      If your name is not on the list, put in Gentili, Amil…then get Amil

    1. Performing/Supervising Practitioners…you can leave this blank ‘cause you’re getting consent and doing the procedure…click Finish button
    2. A Reminders page comes up…click OK
  1. The consent will now appear…you can read through it with the patient…it basically just has the answers to all the questions you just answered as well as a standard set of risks and benefits
    1. If you need to edit something that you answered or add some stuff to the risks/benefits, go to the upper right corner of the screen to the “Edit Options” box…scroll down to the section you want to edit and select it…type in your additions and click Finish
  2. Now, the document is ready for signatures (on the last 3 pages)
    1. Click the “Sign” button on the right side of the screen
    2. Using the grocery-store-like signature pad, sign your name and then click the “Save” button
    3. Have the patient sign their name, then click “Save”
    4. Have the witness sign their name (tech, other fellow, etc)…then type in the Witness’ name in the “Witness name box” (the signature will NOT save if you don’t type the name in)…click “Save”
  3. Finally, you will have the completed consent form on the screen (you can scroll down and show the patient the signatures…they seem to enjoy this)…you must now click the “Save to Chart” button on the right side of the screen (if you do not, the entire consent will be lost!)
    1. The Consent will take a few minutes to show up in the CPRS Notes section…you do not need to wait for it
  4. Congratulations…you did it…now get going, ‘cause that needle is not going to jam itself into the joint!