UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Orthopedic hardware



Distal Radius

Radial wireforms      
Synthes 3 hole locking distal radius plate


Buttressing wireforms radius      
Radial shortening for Kienbock's  

Distal Ulna    
Synthes 3.0 cannulated screw across the distal ulnar shortening osteotomy      

Distal Radio Ulnar Joint DRUJ

Aptis DRUJ arthroplasty 52F


APTIS Distal Radioulnar Joint DRUJ arthroplasty


APTIS DRUJ arthroplasty


Brian Adams DRUJ      

Radiocarpal joint

Depuy Bi axial total wrist      
Remotion total wrist arthroplasty    
Wrist spacer




Scaphoid screw fixation                
Retrograde 3.0 cannulated screw        
Antegrade cannulated scaphoid fixation        
Synthes Herbert type titanium 3.0 mm cannulated Scaphoid screw                        
Acutrak screw        
Herbert type retrograde scaphoid fixation. Bone graft donor site    
Scaphoid arthroplasty



Silastic Scaphoid




Keinbocks broken canoe and lunate arthroplasty



Other Carpals

4 corner fusion and scaphoidectomy 39M Xpode fusion plate


Carpal spider plate      

Thumb CMCJ

Anchovy proceedure ECRL      
Trapeziumectomy LRTI with tightrope      
 Nugrip thumb CMCJ hemi      
Interposition arthroplasty of left thumb carpometacarpal Arthrex tightrope                
FCR tendon allograft