UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Orthopedic hardware




Shoulder fusion with contoured 4.5 plate                          
Shoulder arthrodesis


Shoulder arthrodesis        

Total Shoulder Arthoplasty



Pathologic fx neck of humerus.  Long stem cemented TSA      

Non Cemented

TSA Zimmer BiglianiFlatow offset modular humeral head 75F                  
Tornier Aequalis Ascend uncemented TSA    
Arthrex short flex TSA          

Reverse TSA

Reverse Total ShouulderArthroplasty          
Zimmer trabecular metal reverse total system            
Reverse Total Shoulder Arthroplasty        
Total Shoulder Arthroplasty          

Hemi Shoulder Arthroplasty


Conventional long stem cemented

Zimmer Bigliani Flatow cemented shoulder hemi                         
Arthrex short flex hemiarthroplasty            
Zimmer trabecular metal reverse stem hemi shoulder        

Conventional long stem uncemented



Resufacing humeral head arthropalsty        
Surface replacing shoulder        
Biomet Copeland humeral resurfacing implant                      

Odds and Ends

Coracoclavicular reconstruction with semitendinosis  
Coacoclavicular ligament reconstruction with Tib Ant allograft        
Bristow Laterjet coracoid process osteotomy


Latarjet procedure subscapularis repair and advancement of the pectoralis minor muscle  

Subacromial decompression MRI


Disarticulation, mastectomy    
Biceps tenodesis    
Bristow Latarjet procedure