UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Orthopedic hardware



Total knee Arthroplasty



Cruciate sparing unconstrained TKA      
Conformis cemented unconstrained TKA utilizing asymmetric polyethylene spacer      
Conformis cemented unconstrained TKA utilizing asymmetric polyethylene spacer          
TKA Unconstrianed    
Pressure gauge tibial component 81M            
Zimmer NexGen knee    
Rotating platform TKR      
Rotating platform      


Depuy TC3 revision with rotating platform    
Rotating platform LPS Mobile bearing      
Zimmer LPS knee          
Stryker Triathlon knee TKA      
Long stem Stryker triathlon revision TKA FCL recon      
DePuy PFC Sigma TKA              
Loose TKR femoral and tibial     
Semiconstrained cemented total knee arthroplasty      
TKR Stryker Triathlon    
Stryker Triathlon TKA Old ACL            
Semi constrained TKA    


Sleeved modular hinged TKA            
Fully constrained hinged TKA        
Hinged TKA          
 Restrained knee        
Zimmer constrained TKA      
Zimmer NexGen Legacy TKA            
Zimmer NexGen condylar constrained TKA    
Sperocentric prosthesis 71F



Reverse TKA

Reverse femortibial arthroplasty    

Femorotibial arthroplasty

Femorotibial Knee Arthroplasty    

Patellofemoral arthroplasty

Patellofemoral prosthesis  pre post    
Patellofemoral arthroplasty      
Arthrosurface Wave patellofemoral prosthesis 74F  
Non-cemented TKA          


Patella resection 60M      

Patelofemoral Realignment

Patelectomy and prior Fulkerson osteotomy44F      
Maquet procedure with trochlea allograft            
Fulkerson and medial plication


Trochlear patella allograft      
MPFL recon




Medial compartment arthroplasty 64M    
DePuy Sigma Uni Knee replacement                  
Cemented medial compartment femorotibial arthroplasty      
ConforMIS Custom iDuo knee combined medial compartment arthroplasty and patellofemoral arthroplasty                      


McIntosh unicompartmental arthroplasty 56F        

Arthrosurface HemiCAP implant knee


Meniscus replacing

Zimmer Unispacer          
McIntosh unicompartmental arthroplasty 56F        

Cruciate surgery

Revision ACL graft with biodegradable ST Cal 31F   3M earlier    
ACL MCL 73F        
ACL repair 64M            

Adjacent Osteotomies

High tibial osteotomy      
Blount type staples for epiphysodesis knee 26F      
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