UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Orthopedic hardware

Cervical spine


Mobi-C disk replacements      
Cervical TDR Mobi-C 59M            
Posterior Galle fusion 51M      
Simplify artificial cervical disk            
Simplify artificial cervical disk 48F          
Harm's procedure C1-2        
Transcutaneous bone stimulator    
Transcutaneous bone stimulator    
Posterior C4-T1 screws rods DePuy    
Anterior cervical plate vector Synthes    
Occipitocervical fusion C2 Fx 56F      
ACDF-zero profile

3 level corpectomy and strut    
Cloward's proceedure. Cervical interbody strut graft.

pre  post      1 year  2 year       

Cloward's proceedure.  Cervical interbody strut graft.


pre  post          note the jig holes  
Jig holes 50F          
Laminoplasty 58M    
Laminoplasty 42M        
Posterior decompression 39M    

Posterior cervical decompression C3-7

Kineflex C5-6 arthroplasty                                
Synthes ProDisc-C Total Disc 45F                        
Spinous process and laminar wiring

RhA of C1-2  Galle fixation


ACDF variable rods      
Anterior right-sided microforaminotomy at C5