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July 1, 2002

From: Chief, Musculoskeletal Imaging Section (114)

To: Musculoskeletal Imaging Fellows


Fellowship Year 2002 – 2003


Welcome to what we believe will be a terrific professional year here in San Diego. To give you some idea about what to expect, we wish to provide you with this overview of the fellowship.

During the year, the "clinical" fellows will be assigned to various rotations at both the University and Veterans Affairs Medical Centers, as well as Thornton Hospital, Navy Hospital and Scripps Clinic. These rotations, which will be based on a one-week period (except for the neuroradiology rotation of 4 weeks in duration), include the following:

    1. University Hospital
    2. VA Hospital
    3. Scripps Clinic
    4. Thornton Hospital/Osteoporosis
    5. Navy Hospital
    6. Neuroradiology
    7. Research
    8. Vacation

The osteoradiology faculty members are Drs. Donald Resnick, Mini Pathria, Christine Chung, Tudor Hughes, Ronald Sokoloff, Robin Olander, and Amil Gentili (starting this fall). In common with the fellows, faculty members will rotate from one hospital to the others, providing staff coverage at all hospitals. All will spend time at Scripps Clinic as well.

There are a number of conferences that occur regularly in which we participate. These include:

    1. Tuesday, 7:00a.m., VA Hospital, Osteoradiology Conference for fellows and residents. Various faculty members will present material.
    2. Wednesday, 7:00a.m., Mercy Hospital, Orthopedic Conference (tentative, monthly)
    3. Wednesday, 7:00a.m., VA Hospital, Review of Interesting Cases. The fellows and faculty are in charge of this monthly conference.
    4. Friday, 7:30a.m., VA Hospital, Orthopedic Conference in which we review interesting cases. The fellows are in charge of this conference.
    5. Friday, 9:00a.m., VA Hospital, Rheumatology Conference. This conference takes place once a month. Dr. Resnick is in charge of this conference. A schedule of conference dates is provided in this package.
    6. Wednesday, 12:00noon. Balboa Naval Hospital. This conference takes place approximately once every three months and the conference stresses MR cases. We are shuttled back and forth from either the VA or University hospitals to the Navy Hospital for this conference. Dr. Resnick is in charge of this conference.
    7. Thursday, 7:30a.m., Scripps Clinic Conference. This conference takes place approximately once a month at the Scripps Clinic. Dr. Resnick is in charge of this conference. A schedule of conference dates is provided in this package.

The following is a list of clinical fellows for 2001-2002:


Start Date

Finish Date
Pradeep Albert 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Timothy Averion-Mahloch 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Ronald Bilow 7/1/2002 10/31/2002
Quinn Carmichael 1/1/2002 12/31/2002
Elaine Chu 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
John Andy Ellzey 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
John Hopkins 1/1/2003 12/31/2003
David Klipper 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Christine Lamoureux 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Jose de Lima, Jr. 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Andreas Nemeth 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
Rama Sharma 7/1/2002 6/30/2003
David Sorge 7/1/2002 6/30/2003

At various times during the year, in addition to the clinical fellows, there will be a number of research fellows, medical students and observers who include:

Aurea Borges, M.D. Brazil (Chief Research Fellow)

Michelle Wessely, DC DACBR, FCC., Great Britain

Fernando Agusto, M.D., Brazil

Jose Miguel Perira, M.D., Portugal

Yik Wang, M.D., China

Marcelo Abreau, M.D., Brazil

Stephanie Pe, M.D., Philippines

Rafael Dias Da Costa e Silva, M.D. Brazil

Flavio Albertotti, M.D., Brazil

Hyun-Jin Kim, M.D., Korea

….and a host of others yet to be named.


We are also fortunate to have the help of three administrative assistants, two at the VAMC and one at the University Hospital

Mike Holbrook, 858-552-8585x3343, VAMC (Dr. Resnick)

Sheronda Statum, 858-552-8585x3589, VAMC (Dr. Chung)

Brian McGuinness (temporary), 619-543-6657, UCSD MC (Pathria & Hughes)

We have a research facility on the sixth floor at the VAMC, under the supervision of Debra Trudell, R.T., 858-552-8585x7058. She will provide information regarding research opportunities, research facilities, film libraries, photography and other matters. You will be issued a card to allow you entrance to the sixth floor laboratory facility. Many of our research efforts involve the collaboration with Dr. Parvis Haghighi in Pathology, Dr. Rob Pedowitz in Orthopaedic Surgery, Dr. Larry Frank (our physicist) and Paul Clopton, Research Statistician at the VAMC.

Although there is a Radiology Resident assigned to the Bone Service of each hospital during most months of the year, resident coverage at times will be absent owing to a reduction in the number of residents. Because of this, you may be called upon to perform some of the resident’s duties during these periods.

We will have an organizational research meeting to discuss potential research projects at 7:00a.m., Wednesday, July 17th, in the Back Conference Room, Radiology Department at the VA Medical Center.

Once again, welcome to San Diego and we hope you have a great year!



Donald Resnick, M.D.
Chief, Musculoskeletal Imaging
Professor of Radiology
University of California, San Diego
Teleradiology & Education Center
8899 University Center Lane, Suite 370
San Diego, CA 92122
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