UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Normal variants

Cervical spine


Occipital Atlas joint

Occipital vertebra 56M      
Basisphenoid basiocciput synchondrosis 41F            
Ponticulus posticus / arcuate foramen


Arcuate foramen 58M  
Os terminalis 25M      
Accessory ossicle of the anterior arch of the atlas    
Accessory ossicle of the anterior arch of atlas        
Occipitalization of the left transverse process of C1 23F                                
Accessory ossicle of the C1 transverse process    
Accessory ossicles of the C1 transverse processes    


C1-2 partial fusion posteriorly  
Pseudoarthrosis C1-2 spinous process    


Normal vascular groove of the posterior arch of C2  


Anomalous articulation between C5-6 lateral masses          
Os cervicalis 22M    
Os cervicalis 23M    
Os cervicalis 20M    

Adjacent tissues

Tracheal diverticulum       
Stylohyoid ligament ossification Eagle                
Triticeous cartilage within the larynx 55F    
Hair artifact      
Hair artifact      
Hair artifact        
Hair braids    
Braided hair        
Hair extensions      
Frizzy hair  
Hair grips        
Hair extensions      
Laryngeal airway  
Charles Tyrwhitt collar stiffner    
Charles Tyrwhitt collar stiffner  
Shirt collar stiffeners 53M    
Bilateral jugular stents  
Scrunchie and plaits