UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


Rheumatology Fellowship

Curriculum for Radiology Elective

1. The principal goal of the Radiology elective is to increase the capability of the Fellows to interpret standard X-Ray as well as more modern radiologic approaches including MRI and CT of the skeleton.  There will be participation of the Fellows in the regular film reading activities in the Radiology Department at UCSD under supervision of a faculty mentor in Radiology.

2. The elective will take place over one month, during which the Fellow will be under the tutelage of Dr. Tudor Hughes, Assistant Professor of Radiology at UCSD.  The Fellows will leave their laboratory or clinical research elective responsibilities for the month, but will remain in their ambulatory clinics.  They will read films with the Radiology faculty at the Thornton Hospital on Monday afternoon, at the VA on Tuesday morning, and on Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning at Hillcrest (UCSD Medical Center).

A.  Objectives:

1. The objective is for the Fellows to have baseline competence in reading plain radiographs of joints and the spine, as well as \increased proficiency in interpretation of plain bone radiographs.  In addition, the Fellow should have rudimentary skills in interpreting MRI and CT of bones and joints.

2.The schedule for readings of films and teaching files are available on line at http://medicine.ucsd.edu/bonepit.com.  Additional teaching materials are available at the VA in the form of an X-ray file of plain films and MRIs, which the Fellows can utilize (as they are annotated with the proper diagnosis and attention to the positive findings).

B. Evaluation/Feedback

1. At the end of the rotation group the faculty mentor in Radiology will fill an evaluation form to judge the Fellows performance.  Conversely, the Fellow will judge the faculty member's performance and the value of the elective, and use a standardized form. 

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