UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


David J. Sartoris

Film Teaching Collection

Professor David Sartoris was an avid teacher and won many awards for so doing. At his untimely departure he left a valuable collection of radiographic teaching cases at UCSD.   This collection was given to me by his wife Cyd, and we  believe he would want his collection made available to all Radiologists who want to teach and learn.

I have been lucky to have the help of Karin Sardarian UCSD MS4 in digitizing these cases.  Tudor

      Fractures Head (Spine, Arm, Leg) to toe
  orbital fx       
  parietal & temporal fxs  
  occiput and petrous    
  skull fx         
  73M occip fx, subdural hematoma      
  Depresased skull fracture 12F       
  Fracture floor of orbit    
  brain contusions, occ fx, lamboid suture diastasis    
  21M basilar skull fx    
  28M L2 compression fx      
  Flexion disraction L2 22M    
  malgaigne fx of pelvis          
  Radiocapitellar fx dis 3M    
  Supracondylar fracture humerus 5F      
  radial neck fx and medial epicondyle avulsion      
  35F Radial head          
  58F Fx of radial head and coronoid process of ulna      
  9F metaphyseal fx radial head     
  Monteggia Fx dis 23M  
  Greenstick fx distal radius 8M    
  Colles 43F     
  18M scaphoid fx         
  10M scaphoid osteonecrosis     
  29M fx's of scaphoid and capitate      
  19M 'flipped capitate'  fx           
  triquetral fx     
  24M pisiform fx     
  Gamekeepers thumb      
  64F subcapital fx hip      
  20M fx of femoral neck  
  70F Fibrous dysplasia of femoral neck    
  Child; femur fx       
  patellar fx       
  22M lipohemarthrosis, ACL avulsion c intercondylar eminence fx      
  Tibial plateau fx tomo 28F        
   Plastic bowing fibula 16M    
   Fracture blisters      
  Triplane fx        
  5F calcaneus compression fx             
  avulsion extensor digitorum brevis       
  Sesamoid Fx        
  sesamoid fx