UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


David J. Sartoris

Film Teaching Collection

Professor David Sartoris was an avid teacher and won many awards for so doing. At his untimely departure he left a valuable collection of radiographic teaching cases at UCSD.   This collection was given to me by his wife Cyd, and we  believe he would want his collection made available to all Radiologists who want to teach and learn.

I have been lucky to have the help of Karin Sardarian UCSD MS4 in digitizing these cases.  Tudor

  Ricketts 1F      
  Ricketts 1F Fanconis  
  Ricketts Cystinosis 2F  
  X linked hypphosphatemic Ricketts 28F        
   X linked hypphosphatemic Ricketts 38F      
  X linked hypophosphatemic Vit D resistant osteomalacia with pseudofracture 25F              
  Vit D res ricketts siblings          
  Ricketts 2.5M    
  Ricketts 2M              
  Ricketts 10F      
  Ricketts treated 2F