UCSD Musculoskeletal Radiology


David J. Sartoris

Film Teaching Collection

Professor David Sartoris was an avid teacher and won many awards for so doing. At his untimely departure he left a valuable collection of radiographic teaching cases at UCSD.   This collection was given to me by his wife Cyd, and we  believe he would want his collection made available to all Radiologists who want to teach and learn.

I have been lucky to have the help of Karin Sardarian UCSD MS4 in digitizing these cases.  Tudor

   SCD Lupus Steroids Osteonecrosis 19F        
   Caisson disease 57M            
   osteonecrosis hips      
  OCD femoral head 38M        
  Bone infarcts 32M    
  AVN proximal pole schapoid fracture 25M        
  AVN 47M        
  AVN 51M    
  AVN 63M    
  AVN body of talus 44M          
  Femoral head graft for AVN 28M